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14 JUNE 2014

On 14 June 2014,at their factory in Ulm, Magirus Deutz, presented a new generation of their "Additional Crew Cab".
Two versions for fire brigade vehicleswere presented whilst celebrating the 150th anniversary of their foundation.
Magna Steyr Italia,Studiotorino and Spadaconcept collaborated as partners for the management of all styling activities including the realization of two functional prototypes of the 7/8-seat cabin interior.
Magirus Deutz's aim was to study the best ergonomics for fire fighters in the entry, seating and exit activities from the cabin whilst wearing the complete emergency equipment during an emergency.

01Rendering by Spadaconcept and Studiotorino.02Rendering by Spadaconcept and Studiotorino.

03Choosing colours, Paolo Spada together
with Roberto Gatto.
04At the workshop of Flavio and Davide Secoli, the final build. S. Boero, F. Secoli, M. Mingozzi, R. Saist and E. Meloni.

05At the Iveco factory in Ulm, Magirus Deutz truck with the working cabin prototype. Alfredo Stola, Flavio Secoli, Raffaele Sperandeo, Massimo Mingozzi and Davide Secoli.0613th June 2014 Ulm. Raffaele Sperandeo of Magirus Marketing and Emilio Meloni Project Manager for Magna Steyr Italy for the Magirus Deutz project.

07Especially for the presentation, the entire Iveco, New Holland, Case and Magirus Deutz range were displayed, and Mr. Sergio Marchionne, then CEO of the Fiat Group, was also present at this historic celebration.
At this event, hundreds of firefighters from around the world also attended with the aim of testing the innovative cab in simulated actions.

14th June 2014 Ulm, Dr. Sergio Marchionne checks the cab together with managers from both CNH and Magirus Deutz.didascalia



At the end of December 2014, Magna Cina, through its Director Bruno Lambert, commissioned STUDIOTORINO to carry out some style proposals with Photoshop technique for a slight restyling of the exterior of the Citroen C-4 Sedan currently produced in China.
STUDIOTORINO, will complete the task in just over a couple of months, also including a series of video calls with China to verify the work in progress and get as close as possible to the final customer's wishes.
The work which includes a restyling which also takes into account the increase in length of 100 mm to improve rear habitability.


The Citroen C-Sedan currently produced in China.The Citroen C-Sedan currently produced in China.

04January 2015, the Style proposals delivered to Magna China for a possible restyling of the Citroen C4 - Sedan currently produced in China.




January 2015

Between January 2015 and January 2016, STUDIOTORINO is involved in an innovative project in the zero-emission "green automotive" sector.
The client is Magna Steyr Italia directed by Tiziano Novo, who in turn shares the project with the Graz headquarters in the person of Hans-Peter Pessler.
The complete design of an electric vehicle "only" powered by solar energy is required, and also to provide "assistance" to the Magna Italia mathematizers and consequently then follow the construction of the style models.
An important part of this project is the complete technical feasibility by the Magna Italia Design Center, and the STUDIOTORINO Team will be of support by interfacing daily through the Project Manager Carlo Carena for style changes.



Moncalieri 2015: mood boards by Spadaconcept - Studiotorino and C.S. Magna Steyr Austria.didascalia

The end customer is Hanergy. a leading Chinese solar energy company, and in particular in the construction of the most innovative flexible solar panels.
The Style Center of Magna Steyr in Graz is also involved in the search for style and will provide various proposals in competition with STUDIOTORINO.
Hanergy's request is that this car be unique in style, different, advanced and above all visionary.





Moncalieri 2015: the designs then selected by Hanergydidascalia

For this work STUDIOTORINO will avail itself of the exclusive collaboration of Paolo Spada's SPADACONCEPT style studio.
In Team Magna Steyr Italia, Austria, they will compete with the Hanergy Managers Dr Gao and Mr Yan, Messrs. Tiziano Novo, Carlo Carena, Carlo Mantovani, Bruno Lambert, Hans-Peter Pessler, Peter Lausegger and the modelers Flavio and Davide Secoli of the company Viotti.
The technical specifications of this vehicle by Hanergy are a great challenge, in the sense that not only will the bodywork have to be covered by no less than 9 m2 of solar panels, but also a complex mechanism will have to be applied in the pavilion to be able to electrically extend a series of other additional solar panels with an origami-type system, to be extended into special parking areas for charging.


Rivoli 2015: the designs then selected by Hanergydidascalia

10Rivoli 2015: the reference model in resin under milling. On the right we can see Alfredo Stola. 


2015: the reference model in resin under milling. On the right we can see Alfredo Stola in the Viotti workshop.didascalia

13Rivoli 2015: Alfredo Stola tries out the driver's seat at the Viotti model shop

14Rivoli 2015 at Viotti around the interior model: Davide and Flavio Secoli, Paolo Spada, Emanuele Battista, Roberto Saist, Angelo Benvenuti and Mingozzi.

The name Solemio is particularly successful, in honor of the famous Neapolitan song “O SOLE MIO” published in 1898.
The Solemio logo is inspired by the construction of a puzzle, later also translated into the English language MySun.


2015 Moncalieri The name SOLEMIO imagined by Alfredo Stola, represented with a logo resembling an enigmatic puzzle, also available in English with MYSUN.didascalia

01"EXPO TO" May 27-September 27 2015

Torino, "EXPO TO" May 27-September 27 2015. Studiotorino is proud to participate in the "Parco Valentino Salone & Gran Premio" and "Modus Vivendi" events with it's three classic prototypes: Ruf RK Spyder, RK Coupé and the new Moncenisio.
Conceived by Andrea Levi and supported by a distinguished committee, the goal of "Parco Valentino" is to commemorate with an original automobile exhibit what was to be the last Formula 1 Grand Prix in Torino in 1955.

02Ruf RK Spyder and Ruf RK coupe in the first edition of the " Parco Valentino Salone & Gran Premio "

02 1Turin 2015 : on the occasion of Parco Valentino a meeting between Ercole Spada, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Alfredo Stola Marcello Gandini and Leonardo Fioravanti.

"Modus Vivendi" is an exhibit organized by Cav. Rodolfo Gaffino, director of the Turin National Automobile Museum, presenting 14 automobiles that have become legendary for having made special journeys.
Every car has an exciting story to tell of travels to new and different worlds far away from home.
Our Moncenisio is perhaps the only "prototype" to have reached the Steel Globe in Nordkapp in the dead of winter.
Just For the record, the northernmost point in the world passable on paved roads was reached on Jan. 30, 2015.

03January 30, 2015 h 11.30 am: Alfredo Stola at the "steel globe"
71° 10' 21" - N 25° 47' 40" E

04The Moncenisio "Arctic Experience" at MAUTO together other 13 extraordinary autos and IVECO's Overland truck, all of them leaders of extreme travels on the world roads.


9 JULY  2015

The meeting with Adolfo Orsi was the inspiration for the thesis "The new Maserati motorbike, 2016 " conceived and proposed by Studiotorino to graduate Davide De Martinis.
Few people know that Maserati produced motorcycles between 1947 and 1960.
To analyze this history in a university setting, with the help of such an authoritative person was an opportunity that Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola could not miss.
Working as external consultants, we wanted to imagine that Maserati had never stopped producing motorcycles, and what form their latest 2016 model would take.

08-02-2016 Il disegno "POST LAUREA IAAD" di Studiotorino con Davide De Martinis.  Tutors per lo stile Paolo Spada e Emanuele Battista. Supervisors Alfredo e Maria Paola Stola08-02-2016 The drawing "POST LAUREA IAAD" by Studiotorino with Davide De Martinis.Tutors for the styling Paolo Spada and Emanuele Battista. Supervisors Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola.

02Details of the VCM 32203Details of the VCM 322

Davide De Martinis graduated on July 9th 2015 at IAAD University of Turin, and had as internal speakers Luca Bar and Marco Vendrame and external speakers Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola.
Paolo Spada and Emanuele Battista contributed as tutors to De Martinis on behalf of Studiotorino in his post graduate studies.
VCM 322 was the name given to this Maserati motorcycle as a tribute to the historic address of the Modenese establishment of Maserati in Viale Ciro Menotti 322.

04Turin 9 July 2015, the graduation commission at the IAAD University: A. Stola, L.Milani, M.Vendrame, L.Bar.05Davide De Martinis with external speakers Maria Paola and Alfredo Stola at the thesis presentation.

06Spada in creative discussion with De Martinis.

07The resulting proposal inspired by the classic Maserati motor cycles of the 50's and 60's.

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