5 JULY 2019

"An italian styled One-Off based upon a classic American muscle" is the title given by STUDIOTORINO for the graduating thesis project of the student Luca Barattolo exposed on July 5th at IAAD university of Turin.

01Turin 5 July 2019 "An Italian custom-made vehicle on a classic American muscle car", here is the drawing presented
from Luca Barattolo to the Thesis at the IAAD.

The external relators, Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola, asked for the designer Emanuele Bomboi as a tutor to make sure that the student seized every possible historical, technical and external detail from the world of muscle cars.
Right from the start the main inspiration was the "Ford Mustang I Concept" from 1962, and through this thesis maintained the original layout of a mid engined 4 cylinder vehicle just as Ford designers engeneered it more than half a century ago.
The 2019 Torino is conceived with a Ford powered 4 cylinder supercharged V engine that produces 270hp paired with dual front electric motors that increase the total horsepower to 520.
The powertrain strongly differs from the contemporary Mustangs with the typical big block front mounted V8.
The name of this Mustang is Torino and the two tone stripes are made with the same colors of the city where this thesis was born.

02Detroit 1962. Official photo Ford Mustang I, left Vice President Ford Herb Misch and director of design Gene Bordinat. Central engine, 1500 cc ,, V4 109 hp are the technical characteristics of the engine.

03March 29, 2019 Luca Barattolo and Maria Paola Stola.04May 2019. Emanuele Bomboi, L.Barattolo and M.P. Stole

05The hybrid technical scheme of the Mustang Turin.

06The first sketches by Luca Barattolo.07The first sketches by Luca Barattolo.

08Graphic research inspired by the colors of the city of Turin.

09Turin 5 July 2019. Luca Barattolo exposes the thesis "An Italian custom-made vehicle on a classic
American muscle car"
10Turin 5 July 2019. Luca Barattolo exposes the thesis "An Italian custom-made vehicle on a classic
American muscle car"

11Turin 5th July. The degree commission Maria Paola Stola, Laura Milani, Pietro Nume and Masato Inoue.

A few days after the presentation of the thesis, we met in Villarbasse to set up a “Post Thesis” study.
In this way the Tutor Emanuele Bomboi with great energy was able to transmit to Luca Barattolo all the improvements in terms of refinement of lines and coloring.
Luca Barattolo, without the pressure of exams anymore, was able to complete the drawing and thus simulate in a certain sense a real work environment and a manager to whom to report a result.

12Villarbasse 24 July 2019. About three weeks after the presentation of the thesis, Maria Paola hosts the designer Emanuele Bomboi who as Tutor examines and corrects Luca Barattolo's drawings. The goal is to face a "Post Thesis" period together to obtain the most professional result possible.

13August 14, 2019. This drawing is the result of Luca Barattolo's "Post Thesis" work together with his Tutor Emanuele Bomboi.

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