12 DECEMBER 2017

On 12 December 2017 in Turin, Aitor Aguilar presented his degree thesis to the IAAD commission; external speaker for STUDIOTORINO was Maria Paola Stola.


"E 914 Tayrona" is the title of the thesis; the choice shared with the student has been proposed by STUDIOTORINO, aimed at an electric Porsche 914 concept.

02The IAAD commision: M.P. Stola, L. Milani, P. Nume, M. Inoue.03Aitor Aguilar presenting the thesis to the IAAD commission.

04Aitor Aguilar and Maria Paola Stola.05

Aitor Aguilar, describes a contemporary reinterpretation of a 914 in production form, imagining the first 100% electric, mid-motor Porsche production sports car.
Two doors, two seats, with a particular look at leisure and adventure, for a modern and dynamic clientele.
06Villarbasse November 2017: Aitor Aguilar,
Maria Paola Stola and Wladimir Lasbugues.
Colors, graphics and the name Tayrona are evocative of Colombia, the country of origin of the graduating student.
Wladimir Lasbugues (since 2013 Centro Stile JAC) has also been supporting the thesis “E 914 Tayrona”. Thanks to his passion, and alongside Maria Paola Stola, he helped Aitor to instill as much of the original 914 DNA as possible into the new “E 914 Tayrona”.



6 MARCH 2018

0102Geneva, March 6th 2018,
the moment of the official presentation.

On March 6 th, 2018, at the eightieth Geneva motorshow and for the first time in Europe, Ralph Debbas officially presented the FENYR SUPERSPORT from the W MOTORS stand. Present at the event were technical partners Kevin Dallas from MICROSOFT, Philippe Jarre from AKKA, Alfredo Stola from STUDIOTORINO and Tiziano Novo from MAGNA STEYR Italia.

03Geneva, 6 March 2018,
Alfredo Stola and Tiziano Novo, General Manager of Magna Steyr Italia, with the Fenyr prototype.

At the same event, Alan Wu showed the press and the public the scale model Iconiq L5 with the promise to complete a full scale opening model for the beginning of 2019.
Present at the event were technical partners Tiziano Novo of Magna Steyr Italia, Kevin Dallas of Microsoft, Philippe Jarre of Akka, and Alfredo Stola of Studiotorino.

04Geneva 6 March 2018 at the W Motors - Iconiq stand at the European premiere of the Iconiq L5 scale model.


10 JUNE 2018


On 10 June 2018, Stefano Busto presented his degree thesis to the IAAD University of Turin commission; external speaker was Maria Paola Stola representing STUDIOTORINO.
The title of the thesis is "CCC" - Connected Circadian Car, 2025.

02The IAAD commission: M.P. Stola, Laura Milani,
Pietro Nume and Matteo Doro.
03Stefano Busto exposes the theses to the
IAAD commission.

04Manual style research drawings before writing mathematics.05Manual style research drawings before writing mathematics.

Stefano Busto, developed for Studiotorino, a Volkswagen branded medium-sized vehicle for daily travel and pre-defined routes.
The imaginary prototype is equipped with a human-machine interface that facilitates its driving by optimizing the driver's experience.
From the example derived from Formula E, at the first Grand Prix of Rome on April 14, 2018, the auto-robot that opened the race, increased its knowledge by learning from the driver and then challenged him on the circuit.
The Circadian Connected Car, where infrastructures are lacking, create points of reference by learning them from the everyday, almost as in the biological cycle of nature.
Visual markers, such as coloured tyres and other components, serve to identify self-driving cars, as required by the first amendment emanating from the state of California.

06First research studies for interiors.07First research studies for interiors.

24 AUGUST 2018


On 24th and 26th August 2018 Fenyr participated in the two main events of the "Monterey Motor Week", on Friday it was exhibited at The Quail Lodge and on Sunday at the Pebble Beach concours in the area dedicated to style prototypes and concepts.
Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola present at the events had the opportunity to meet Ralph Debbas CEO W Motors and Gorden Wagener director of the Mercedes-style center and member of the board.

03August 24th, 2018 Carmel. At The Quail Lodge, Ralph Debbas and Alfredo Stola with Fenyr.04August 26th 2018 At Pebble Beach concours d'elegance competition. Ralph Debbas, Maria Paola Stola with Fenyr.

Monterey 26 agosto 2018. Il concorso di Pebble Beach è sempre occasione d'incontri.  Alfredo Stola e Gorden Wagener insieme con la Mercedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow.Monterey 26 August 2018. The Pebble Beach competition is always an opportunity for meetings. Alfredo Stola and Gorden Wagener together with the Mergedes-Benz EQ Silver Arrow.


13 FEBRUARY 2019

February 13, 2019, 18.00. At a strictly confidential event at their Dubai showroom, Iconiq presented the "Muse" fully opening model.
The occasion was a meeting between W Motors, the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed Bin Ahamed Al Maktoum and other guests.

Rivoli settembre 2018 Alfredo Stola insieme ad Alan Wu CEO Iconiq all'interno del modello Muse presso la modelleria Mercury.Rivoli September 2018 Alfredo Stola together with Alan Wu CEO Iconiq inside the Muse model
at the Mercury model shop.

Rivoli 18 dicembre 2018 presso la modelleria Mercury la Iconiq L5 Muse. Da sinistra P. Germano, M. Caldarola, W. Isabello, L. Corbelli, L. Curbis, G. Comollo, E. Lombardi, D. Ruffa, R. Vasile, S. Grasso, B. Aiola, S. Vair, D. Mingozzi, E. Rizzardi, Sokol, C. Damiano, M. Mingozzi, C. Carena, G. Novo, Davide e Flavio Secoli, C. Mantovani, V. Vasile, R. Gatto, T. Novo, A. Stola e Vincenzo Paparo.Rivoli 18 December 2018 the Iconiq L5 Muse at the Mercury model shop.
From left P. Germano, M. Caldarola, W. Isabello, L. Corbelli, L. Curbis, G. Comollo, E. Lombardi, D. Ruffa, R. Vasile, S. Grasso, B. Aiola, S . Vair, D. Mingozzi, E. Rizzardi, Sokol, C. Damiano, M. Mingozzi, C. Carena, G. Novo, Davide and Flavio Secoli, C. Mantovani, V. Vasile, R. Gatto, T. Novo, A. Stola and Vincenzo Paparo.

For Iconiq, Magna Steyr Italia has realized the technical development of this model of opening doors and STUDIOTORINO has been its advisor; the design is by W Motors.

Dubai 13 Febbraio 2019 Ralph Debbas da il benvenuto a Hisham Al Gurg C.E.O. del Private Office. Presenti al tavolo da sinistra Nael Alieh, X Karim, Y, Alan W, Ralph Debbas Hisham Al Gurg, Z, W, Tiziano Novo e Alfredo Stola.Dubai 13 February 2019 Ralph Debbas welcomes Hisham Al Gurg C.E.O. of the Private Office.
Present at the table from the left Nael Alieh, X Karim, Y, Alan W, Ralph Debbas Hisham Al Gurg, Z, W,
Tiziano Novo and Alfredo Stola.


0513 February 2019 Dubai.
Bernd Pichler is about to discover the Iconiq Muse.

The objective of the event was to show the self-driving prototype at Expo Dubai 2020.
Present at the event, Alan Wu, president of Iconiq, important Emirate political and business figures and technical partners Tiziano Novo of Magna Steyr Italia, Alfredo Stola of STUDIOTORINO and Ferreol Marande of Akka.
The Muse was developed from the L5 scale model previously unveiled on 29 November 2017 also in Dubai .
The design of the Muse is the work of the W Motors Style Center, and represents the personal visions of Alan Wu and Ralph Debbas on the future of autonomous driving mobility in the luxury car segment.
The official press and public presentation of the Muse by Iconiq is scheduled for April 16th at the Shanghai Motor Show.

Dubai February 13 6:30 pm the guests of the private event organized by W Motor-Iconiq
for the first time admire the Muse.

08Debbas and Novo converse with Ali and Y

09Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola, Alan W, Karim Banna
and Tiziano Novo.

10Alan W, Alfredo Stola and Karim Banna.11Joelle Habib, Y, Catherine Debbas and Maria Paola Stola.

12H. Darwish and Tiziano Novo.13Maria Paola Stola and Alfredo Stola.

Dubai 13 Febbraio 2019. In prima fila Alfredo Stola, Ralph Debbas e Ishak Belhout. In seconda fila Jeremy Sachot, Gaurav Nandi, Rohan Philip, Zak HussainDubai 13 February 2019. Alfredo Stola, Ralph Debbas and Ishak Belhout in the front row.
In the second row Jeremy Sachot, Gaurav Nandi, Rohan Philip, Zak Hussain.

On the morning of the presentation, in preparation for the event, the team met in the show room in order to review the prototype and check the final details before the arrival of the important guests.

Dubai 13 Febbraio 2019 ore 10:00. Alfredo Stola e Tiziano Novo posano per una foto ricordo con alle loro spalle il modello Iconiq Muse.Dubai 13 February 2019 at 10:00.
Alfredo Stola and Tiziano Novo pose for a souvenir photo with the Iconiq Muse model behind them.

Alfredo Stola, Tiziano Novo, Alan W and Ralph Debbas for the first time sitting together inside the Iconiq Muse.Alfredo Stola, Tiziano Novo, Alan W e Ralph Debbas per la prima volta seduti insieme all'interno della Iconiq Muse.

Dubai 2019. Le sette foto ufficiali della Iconiq Muse di frante alla Head Quarter della W Motors. W Motors ha realizzato il design della Muse.Dubai 2019. The seven official photos of frante's Iconiq Muse at the W Motors Headquarters. W Motors made the design of the Muse.

The interior of the Muse is functional. The front seat rotates 180 ° and the screens on the front dashboard and the video behind the front seat are interactive and with voice control.
All lighting is led with variable color.

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