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MARCH 2002

In March 2002, the Mitsubishi Europe Style Centre, in co-ordination their counter part in Japan, required STOLA S.p.a. to build two hard style models.
Their clear goal was an advanced design study from each of the two Style Centres to imagine what the future Lancer, planned for 2007, could look like.
More than ever,o the Japanese car designers worked as a team,composed of directors Boulay and Nakanishi, together with their colleagues Peter Arcadipane and Omer Halilhodzic.
The selected model was continued by a team of Stola modelers in Japan at the Mistubishi Style Centre.
The away modelers were Giuseppe Federico, Pietro Calò, Moreno Marangon, Gabriele Sbeghen, Nicola Partucci and Alessandro Pellichero.

Rivoli 2002: in Stola s.p.a. two style model proposals are made for the future Lancer ninth series. The design is made and directed by the Mitsubishi Europa Style Center.didascalia

03Japan Okazaki May 2002. The Mitsubishi plant where there is also the Style Center and the modeling shop.

Okazaki Mirsubishi giugno 2002. L’interno della modelleria e una foto ricordo del Team dei modellatori Mitsubishi e Stola.Okazaki Mitsubishi June 2002. The interior of the model shop and a souvenir photo of the Mitsubishi and Stola modeling team.

Okazaki luglio 2002. Una cena con il Team Stola al Completo. Gabriele Sbeghen, Pietro Calò,  Giuseppe Federico, Nicola Partucci, Alessandro Pellichero, Moreno Marangon.Okazaki July 2002. A dinner with the Complete Stola Team. Gabriele Sbeghen, Pietro Calò, Giuseppe Federico, Nicola Partucci, Alessandro Pellichero, Moreno Marangon.



At the end of 2001, the organizers of the Turin Motor Show decided to discontinue the event.
The Stolas decided to participate in the next Geneva Motor Show, in 2003, with the opportunity to be present in a more international environment and attended by even more of their customers, as well as, perhaps, some new ones.
At the end of march 2002, it was decided to build the Stola GTS, again based on the 986 Porsche Boxter coupe.
Designed by Aldo Brovarone who was assisted by his friend Peter Arcadipane, he paid reference to history by using the unmistakable Gulf livery, blue, orange and black.
It is fair to say that the Stola GTS was itself derived from the Stola S82 Spyder which in reality the S82 no longer existed.


Agosto 2002 Il disegno di Aldo Brovarone.August 2002 The drawing by Aldo Brovarone.

Rivoli settembre 2002 Aldo Brovarone e Peter Arcadipane.Rivoli September 2002 Aldo Brovarone and Peter Arcadipane.

05Rivoli September 2002 X and Sbeghen06Rivoli September 2002 Aldo Brovarone.

07Rivoli September 2002 Aldo Brovarone and Vincenzo Mammone08Rivoli September 2002 Alfredo Stola and Aldo Brovarone

09Rivoli September 2002 Alfredo Stola and Aldo Brovarone

10Rivoli September 2002 From left standing Brovarone, Coletto and Sbeghen.

Rivoli ottobre 2002 La Stola GTS prima di essere verniciata con la livrea definitiva viene testata con i soli fondi.Rivoli October 2002 Before being painted with the final livery, the GTS Stola is tested with the bottoms only.

The final stages of painting and assembly. Peppino, X, Mammone, Y, Z and Di Maria are recognized.didascalia

Rivoli December 2002 in these photos we recognize Brovarone, Arcadipane, Maurizio della Salt, Carmine Spitaleri, and Stola.didascalia

Rivoli dicembre 2002 Aldo Brovarone e Peter Arcadipane felici alla quasi conclusione del lavoro.Rivoli December 2002 Aldo Brovarone and Peter Arcadipane happy at the near conclusion of the work.



Torino febbraio 2003. Foto ufficiali della Stola GTS realizzate in studio da Massimo Perini assistito da Teresio Demaria.Turin February 2003. Official photos of the GTS Stola taken in the studio by Massimo Perini assisted by Teresio Demaria.


Ginevra 4 marzo 2003 La Stola GTS in mostra nello stand della STOLA s.p.a.Geneva 4 March 2003 The Stola GTS on display in the stand of STOLA s.p.a.

Ginevra 4 marzo 2003. L'Ingegner Carlo Alecci, Maria Paola Stola, Laura Novarese e Silvia Calautti.Geneva 4 March 2003. Engineer Carlo Alecci, Maria Paola Stola, Laura Novarese and Silvia Calautti.

25A.Stola, P. Pfeiffer and X26T. Novo, X and L. Gallina

Ginevra 2003 Fabrizio Giugiaro visita lo stand della Stola s.p.a. Nella foto Fabrizio insieme a Francesco e Maria Paola Stola.Geneva 2003 Fabrizio Giugiaro visits the Stola s.p.a. stand In the photo Fabrizio with Francesco and Maria Paola Stola.

We recognize S. Calautti, A. Stola, G. Grande, T. Novo and L. Gallina.didascalia

Si riconoscono Imperatori, Besana, Carmelo, Petrelli, Alecci, De Micheli e Stola, in secondo piano Gallina e Novo.We recognize Imperatori, Besana, Carmelo, Petrelli, Alecci, De Micheli and Stola, in the background Gallina and Novo.

31    32
April 2003 Test drive at the Pirelli track in Vizzola Ticino, Italy, carried out by the pilot Massimo Perini.

34September 2003 Zell am See. Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola visiting the Porsche Design Studio with the GTSAlfredo and Maria Paola Stola will make their first trip with the Stola GTS in September 2003 to Graz, to participate in an event organized by Magna Steyr dedicated to Show Cars at the invitation of Technical Director Harald Wester.
A few years had passed since the Cayenne style model project partly developed in Zell Am See and the idea of ​​a visit to the Studio came naturally.
It was the opportunity for a brief greeting with the Professor and other people known in the past, and with pleasure to see on his desk the 1/43 scale model of the GTS built by hand by ABC Brianza that Alfredo Stola shortly after the Motor Show. Ginevra had sent him along with the official CD for the press.

Zell am See. L’occasione di questo viaggio è donare il modellino in scala della GTS a Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. Questa foto dal libro di Karl Ludvigsen "Origin of the species" è del 2011 ed è stata scattata in occasione del suo settantacinquesimo compleanno.

This photo portrait of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in his office appears in Karl Ludgvisten's book “The Origin of the Species” published in 2012. It seems that the shot is from September 2003. At the bottom left on the desk appears the scale model of the Stola GTS with the CD on it for journalists.


APRIL 2002

April 2002, and a new Ferrari to design, in fact, the Maranello company asked that Stola s.p.a. to realise the engineering of the new F141.
This 12-cylinder would replace the 575M and was another design masterpiece born in Pininfarina ,its name, 599 Fiorano.
For the Stola family this was a unique job, Roberto had been sick for three years and yet despite this he, along with Alecci, Bustreo and Biassoni for the technical / commercial definition, conducted the negotiations with with Ferrari with both strength and passion
Engineer Amedeo Felisa, Ferrari’s technical director,appointed Engineer Maurizio Manfredini as project manager, who will then deal directly with Gottardo Bustreo and Piero De Micheli of Stola for the duration of the project.
The chassis of the F141 would be developed by the Fiat Auto group's Elasis with an innovative aluminum space frame technology, while for the body and moving parts the engineers specified that Stola should use aluminum, with the exception of the rear luggage compartment in plastic.
The team leaders were Roberto Arpini for the body and the moving parts, Paolo Zerbini for the external finishes, Giuseppe Castiglioni for the interiors and Paola Busato for the bill of materials.
The Stola team was also supported by suppliers Med Line and Car.
The Ferrari team with whom they would go on to interact were Mauro Del Monte, Toni Fabio, Emanuele Ghirelli, Alberto Migliorini, Vincenzo Matullo, Riccardo Ugolini and Franco Macaro.
The contracted activities were: technical feasibility in the Pininfarina style center, modeling of class A surfaces for exteriors and interiors, studies for the definition of bodywork and exterior finishes, design and 3D modeling of details, bill of materials management and the design of assemblies for manufacturing.
For the first time, with the exception of an aluminum part representing the area of ??the two innovative rear pillars, Ferrari did not require the construction of the mathematical verification master for the validation of class A style surfaces.

The innovative rear pillar of the F141, the mathematical surface used in the Stola derived from the style model designed and built by Pininfarina.didascalia

The development of aesthetic surfaces as usual was carried out in the Rivoli headquarters by the team of Massimo Stola, and Carlo Mantovani together with the modelers Adriano Rossi, Gianfranco Cappa, Alessandro Maggiolini.

Estate 2002 Cambiano presso il Centro Studi Pininfarina. Ecco il modello di stile degli esterni disegnato e costruito dalla PininfarinaSummer 2002 Cambiano at the Pininfarina Study Center.
Here is the exterior style model designed and built by Pininfarina.


Autumn 2002 Cambiano at the Pininfarina Study Center.
Here is the style model of the interiors designed and built by Pininfarina.

Given that a mathematcal verification master model was not being constructed, the Stola team building the A-class surfaces worked even more closely with Messrs Valentini, Cartia and Randazzo from Pininfarina directed by Engineer Lorenzo Ramaciotti.
The Rivoli VR room became the fulcrum of this important phase, having to guarantee the validation of the A class surfaces in a purely virtual way.







Barco's 3D visualization system supported the Silicon Graphics hardware running Opticore and Icemsurf software that had been selected two years earlier by the systems manager Gianfranco Morlacchi and ensured the success of the validation process.
The engineering activities were mainly carried out in Cinisello Balsamo and the second VR room was put to good use by the Ferrari team, allowing ever-more positive sharing of solutions between numerous co-designers.
A VPM (Virtual Project Management) data storage system, custom made by IBM, allowed data to be shared with suppliers and engineers.
The synchronization of drawings and 3D models took place three times a day, in this way the data was available and updated for Ferrari, Stola, Elasis and the selected engineers.
On 26th July 2004 Alfredo Stola, with his sale of the company's shares, left the position of President of STOLA s.p.a. at the moment that the definitive studies stage had been completed.
The activities continued with the same team of designers under the new ownership, the end result were excellent with compete customer satisfaction.
The 599 Fiorano was be presented to the press on 28th February 2006 by Luca Cordero di Montezemolo at the 76th Geneva international motor show.

Cinisello Balsamo novembre 2003. Piero De Micheli, Mauro Del Monte (Ferrari), Fabio Toni(Ferrari), Paolo Zerbini, Marian Purcaru, Federico Venturino, Bogdan Maglaviceanu e Giuseppe Castiglioni.Cinisello Balsamo November 2003. Piero De Micheli, Mauro Del Monte (Ferrari), Fabio Toni (Ferrari), Paolo Zerbini, Marian Purcaru, Federico Venturino, Bogdan Maglaviceanu and Giuseppe Castiglioni.

Ginevra 28 febbraio 2006 la Ferrari 599 viene presentata ufficialmente.Geneva 28 February 2006 the Ferrari 599 is officially presented.

19Engineer Amedeo Felisa Ferrari Technical Director.20The Ferrari 599 in Geneva.


11 OCTOBER 2002

01Roberto Stola 1936 - 2002On October 11th 2002, following an illness discovered at the beginning of 1999 which he fought until the last, Roberto Stola, president and 50% shareholder of STOLA spa and of the companies he directed, passed away.
Allowing for operations and medication, he had always worked with dedication and strength, demonstrating responsibility towards all the workers at STOLA spa its subsidiaries.
To him we owe the vision, at the beginning of the 80's, to focus everything on the new Cad Cam technologies and to milling of Numerical Control models, consequently starting the design of the most advanced body and interior trim systems with the most advanced tools.
For the company, the strategic possibility of designing complete automobiles comes from his intuition to accept the proposed acquisition of Autec by Fiat Auto.



In mid-November 2002 with great urgency the Alfa Romeo Style Centre commissioned from STOLA s.p.a a see-through style model to be presented at the 2003 Geneva show.
The name of the project was Kamal, it was to be the concept for the first Alfa SUV and consequently the first of the entire Fiat Group. The model was developed entirely in Rivoli with Arese designers Alessandro D'ambrosio and Tori Odagiri, directed by Wolfgang Egger working with the surface and physical modelers from Stola.

Rivoli ottobre 2002. Il team dei modellatori Stola insieme ai due designer (all'interno dell'abitacolo) affinano il modello con numerose modofiche. Da sinistra P. Calò, X, Y, Locantore, Leone,....Rivoli October 2002. The Stola modeling team together with the two designers (inside the cockpit) refine the model with numerous modifications. From left P. Calò, X, Y, Locantore, Leone, ....

Rivoli dicembre 2002. Il modello della Kamal dopo il fondo.Rivoli December 2002. The Kamal model after the fund.

Rivoli gennaio / febbraio 2003 il modello di stile al montaggio finale dopo la verniciatura, posano per una foto ricordo i designer Tori Odagiri, Alessandro Dambrosio e Alfredo Stola. Si riconoscono X, Y, Calò, Z, LocantoreRivoli January / February 2003 the style model in the final assembly after painting, the designers Tori Odagiri, Alessandro Dambrosio and Alfredo Stola pose for a souvenir photo. We recognize X, Y, Calò, Z, Locantore

Rivoli January / February 2003 The Stola team at work. Locantore, Dambrosio, Zanellati, X, Y, Calò and Tori Odagiri are recognizeddidascalia


Torino febbraio 2003, ecco le foto ufficiali dell'Alfa Romeo Kamal realizzate nei teatri di posa Euphon.Turin February 2003, here are the official photos of the Alfa Romeo Kamal taken in the Euphon studios.

February 2003 Wolfgang Egger, director of the Alfa Romeo Style Center in Arese and his congratulatory letter for the quality of the work carried out for the Kamal project.didascalia

Ginevra 4 marzo 2003 Il modello della Kamal nello stan Alfa Romeo.Geneva 4 March 2003 The Kamal model on the Alfa Romeo stand.

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