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10 JANUARY  2002

Giuseppe Stola 1922 - 2002Giuseppe Stola 1922 - 2002On 10 January 2002, following an illness, Giuseppe Stola died.
50 years of work, 28 of which were leading the SEV foundry.
Those who knew him remember an extraordinary and tireless commitment to his dangerous and laborious work.
Always attentive to his family, he shared his passion for sailing and traveling around the world with his wife Nena and his two sons Margherita and Massimo, especially from 1992, when his well-deserved retirement began.


EARLY 2002

01Maserati MC12 in production since 2004In early 2002 came a prestigious project from Ferrari s.p.a. style director Frank Stephenson.
The request was for the development of modelling and engineering of "only the interior", excluding seats, for the future Maserati MC12, whose chassis derived mostly from the Ferrari Enzo.
The project aimed for production of only 50 units, and therefore technical and investment must be compatible with the customer's demand for such an extraordinarily low number.
The engineering and modeling department of STOLA s.p.a. worked directly and in total harmony with Frank Stephenson, who followed the work alone.
Giuseppe Di Nunno was the project leader chosen by Stola, he would develop both project and model.
Maserati was responsible for production of these 50 interiors.

02The production interior of the Maserati MC12 in 2004



In February 2002 STOLA s.p.a.received an order from the Hyundai-Kia European style center to create a concept, with the goal of delivery for the next Paris show.
A particularly welcome project because of the designers who would follow the work in Italy, former Mercedes stylists Peter Arcadipane and Michael Think.


03January 2002 the drawings by Peter Arcadipane and Michael Think.

04Peter Arcadipane. 05Michael Think.

Also for workload reasons, a mixed team of Stola s.p.a.-F & S modelers is organized to work together at the Signori Secoli factory for the construction of the model, molds, carbon parts and their complete assembly.
With the tested organizational scheme, the works are supervised by Vittorio Della Rocca and Lucio Giarolo.
The painting and final assembly will be done in Stola s.p.a. with the usual mixed team of technicians.

06Rivoli June 2002 at F&S from left Orlando, S. Muratore, P. Durante, M. Stocco, M. Vai, M. Orlando.

07Rivoli June 2002 P. Arcadipane and A. Stola.08Rivoli June 2002 M. Stocco, P. Corace, P. Durante.

09Rivoli June 2002 Carlo Cavaglià.10Rivoli June 2002 G.Grande, P. Arcadipane and Orlando.

The paint and the final assembly was carried out in STOLA s.p.a. It was a double cab pickup called KIA KCV - II, the strongly sporty design made it very special.

Rivoli luglio 2002 Presso la STOLA s.p.a. Anche se di schiena si riconoscono P. Arcadipane, M. Dimaria, Cogerino e XRivoli July 2002 At STOLA s.p.a. Even if from the back we recognize P. Arcadipane, M. Dimaria,
Cogerino and X

12Rivoli July 2002 Bonetto and Peralta.13Rivoli July 2002 C. Nardiello and A. Spitaleri.

14Rivoli July 2002 Beppe Comollo.15Rivoli July 2002 P. Arcadipane and G. Grande.

16Rivoli September 2002 C. Cavaglià and Cerva.

17Rivoli September 2002 Cerva, P. Procopio, X
and L. Marinuzzo

18Rivoli September 2002 M. Peralta, P. Calò, X, Flavio Secoli and F. Vacca are recognized.


19Turin October official photos of the Kia KCV - II before being transported to the Paris Motor Show.

Parigi ottobre 2002 A. Stola, M. Think, P. Arcadipane e g. Grande.Paris October 2002 A. Stola, M. Think, P. Arcadipane and G. Grande.


Parigi 8 ottobre 2002 La KCV - II esposta nello stand della Kia.Paris 8 October 2002 The KCV - II exhibited in the Kia stand.

11 ottobre 2002. Lettera di congratulazione da parte del mamagement Hyudai e Kia.October 11, 2002. Letter of congratulation from Hyudai and Kia management.



At the end of December 2001, in view of the excellent results on the Lincoln MK 9, the Ford style center of Deaborn announced to STOLA s.p.a. that they should make two show cars for the 2003 Detroit show.
Shortly thereafter in London an official meeting took placebetween Alfredo Stola, Gameno Grande and Director Gerry McGovern.
Work was due to begin in February 2002, and the show cars in question were the Lincoln Navicross and Mercury Messenger.
Design was again by Adrian Monk,Marek Reichman and Per Selvag, with the ever present technical guidance of Joe Bonacchi.

01London January 2002 Alfredo Stola Gerry McGovern and Gioachino Grande.02London January 2002 Alfredo Stola Gerry McGovern and Gioachino Grande.

Unlike the first Lincoln, developed between 2000 and 2001, for the Navicross' Interior and exterior would be developed in Stola, due to the closure of Ghia a year earlier.

Rivoli febbraio 2002. Nello storico ufficio della STOLA s.p.a. posano per una foto ricordo per inizio lavori della Navicross e della Messenger. Da sinistra Lucio Giarolo, Marek Reichman, Alfredo Stola, Carlo Cavaglià, Sergio Prodan e Giochino Grande.Rivoli February 2002. In the historic office of STOLA s.p.a. they pose for a souvenir photo at the start of the work on the Navicross and Messenger. From left Lucio Giarolo, Marek Reichman, Alfredo Stola, Carlo Cavaglià, Sergio Prodan and Giochino Grande.

Rivoli febbraio 2002. Felice Chiara studia le prime sezioni per il progetto Lincoln Navicross. Questo show car perfettamente marciante che sarà consegnato all'inizio del 2003 sarà il suo ultimo lavoro per poi ritirarsi in pensione.Rivoli February 2002. Felice Chiara studies the first sections for the Lincoln Navicross project. This perfectly running show car which will be delivered in early 2003 will be his last job to retire.

Rivoli maggio 2002. Segio Prodan con affianco il modello della Navicross appena realizzato da cui poi si realizzeranno gli stampi leggeri.Rivoli May 2002. Sergio Prodan alongside the Navicross model just made from which the light molds will then be made.

06Rivoli June 2002 F. Cerva and C. Pastore.07Rivoli June 2002 Carlo Cavaglià

Rivoli settembre 2002Rivoli September 2002

09Rivoli September 2002 F. Sansalone10Rivoli September 2002 C. Smeu

Rivoli ottobre 2002 Cuscunà e Massano.Rivoli October 2002 Cuscunà and Massano.

12Rivoli October 2002 Bonetto Massano and Cuscunà13Rivoli October 2002 X, Bonetto and Spitaleri.

Rivoli fine ottobre 2002 X, Di Maria e ErminioRivoli end of October 2002 X, Di Maria and Erminio.

15Rivoli October 2002 X16Rivoli October 2002 Massano and Cuscunà.

17Rivoli November 2002 Cavaglià, Reichman, Grande and McGovern.18Rivoli November 2002 X, Y, Z and Bonetto

Rivoli December 2002 Beppe Comollo as often under the car.didascalia

Rivoli dicembre 2002 da sinistra Bonetto, Spitaleri e Rosetti.Rivoli December 2002 from left Bonetto, Spitaleri and Rosetti.

22Rivoli December 2002 Di Maria, Bonetto, Vincenzo, Cubeddù, Spitaleri and Cuscunà23Rivoli December 2002

24Rivoli December 2002 Di Maria, Spitaleri, Chiara, Vincenzo, Bonetto and Cubeddù25Rivoli December 2002 X, Beccati, Y, Vincenzo, Di Maria, Z and McGovern.



Detroit dicembre 2002 Le foto ufficiali della Lincoln Navicross.Detroit December 2002 Official photos of Lincoln Navicross.

Detroit 6 gennaio 2003 Adriana Monk, Marek Reichman e Gerry McGovern con la Lincoln Navicross.Detroit January 6, 2003 Adriana Monk, Marek Reichman and Gerry McGovern with Lincoln Navicross.

Detroit January 6, 2003 The Navicross exhibited in the Lincoln stand.didascalia

Concurrently and with a different team of modelers, we also began the construction of the Mercury Messanger, not a running prototype like the Navicross but a complete opening styling model.
Lello Locantore was the technical manager of this project, he realised the show model in the workshops of Via Ivrea in Rivoli , close to Via Ferrero 9.
The Stylists, as for Mercury, were Marek Reichman, and Adriana Monk directed by Gerry McGovern.
In January 2003 at the Detroit Show, a jury of journalists awarded the Messenger the prize for best interior design.

34Rivoli March 2002

35Rivoli March 2002 Massimo Rosettti, Pasqualino Procopio, Luca Rosetti, X and Y

36Rivoli April 200237Rivoli April 2002 X, Y, Z, and Vito Schieraldi.

Rivoli settembre 2002Rivoli September 2002

39Rivoli September 200240Rivoli September 2002

Rivoli ottobre 2002 Beppe Comollo.Rivoli October 2002 Beppe Comollo.

42Rivoli October 2002. Francesco Acquaviva43Rivoli October 2002

44Rivoli November 2002 Sokol45Rivoli November 2002

Rivoli dicembre 2002. Il team al completo di Lello Locantore che ha lavorato sulla Mercury Messenger.Rivoli December 2002. The complete team of Lello Locantore who worked on the Mercury Messenger.

Torino dicembre 2002 L'interno della Messenger premiato a Detroit.Turin December 2002 The interior of the Messenger awarded in Detroit.

Turin December 2002 The official photos of the Mercury Messenger in the studio.Torino dicembre 2002 Le foto ufficiali in studio della Mercury Messenger.

50Detroit January 6, 2003. The Messenger on the Mercury booth.



At the end of the winter of 2002, Mitsubishi Europe Style Vice President Akinori Nakanischi ordered Stola to build a see-through model of a mono-volume that would replace the Space Wagon series.
Much bigger than the old model,the name was Grandis.

012002 in Stola s.p.a. the see through model of a Space Wagon minivan is created which will then take the name Grandis.

July 2002. Akinori Nakanishi vice president of the Mitsubishi Europa Style Center and his letter of congratulations for the work carried out in Rivoli.didascalia

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