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01Engineer Lorenzo Ramaciotti.In December 1989 at the model shop in Via La Thuile, STOLA spa created a Mathematical Verification master of the Ferrari 456 GT for Pininfarina .
The style was directed by the engineer Lorenzo Ramaciotti, manager of R&D at Cambiano, masterly re-interpreting the purest of the Gran Turismo 2 + 2 concepts in respect to the previous 365GT4 2 + 2, 400 and 412 models.
Pietro Camardella was part of the Pininfarina team of designers supporting the project.
After several changes following the direction  of the stylists and the subsequent update of the Master, which would be presented  to the board of Pininfarina and  the lawyer Luca Cordero di Montezemolo accompanied by  engineer Amedeo Felisa.

021992 Official photo of the Ferrari 456 GT.
In 1990, on behalf of Pininfarina, Stola spa realizes the Mathematical Verification Master.

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