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2 OTTOBRE 1965


For the historic model shop in via Issiglio, despite the expansion completed in 1959, new customer requirements now meant that the office was too small and no longer suitable in terms of space, industrial confidentiality and not least the increasing workloads.

In autumn 1965, following two years of construction work directed by Francesco, a third new office was opened under the name "ALFREDO STOLA & FIGLI", in Via La Thuile, 69-71, Lesna, Turin.

The brothers also had two 6 floor buildings containing 39 apartments rented out to employees at 71,75 and 77 Via La Thuile.
For the opening, the Stola logo was updated, the original graphic but now in red on a gold background.

02Turin 1963 the first executive project of the future factory for the new model shop in via La Thuile 69. The land was purchased by Alfredo Stola in 1958, and for this reason his sons Giuseppe, Francesco and Roberto will always write the property of "Sig Stola Alfredo" on the executive drawings.

03Turin 1963 The first executive project of the residential building in via La Thuile 71, 73 and 77. The land was purchased by Alfredo Stola in 1958, and for this reason his sons Giuseppe, Francesco and Roberto will always write the property of "Sig Stola Alfredo" on the executive drawings.

04Turin, autumn1965, the driveway entrance of the new headquarters in Via La Thuile 69.
Above the door you can see the STOLA logo in red. Next to the building built by the Stola brothers for some
of its employees at numbers 71, 73 and 77.
 05At the end of 1965 Francesco Stola transformed the logo from black and white into red on a gold background.

The new factory was opened with a real party, with employees, wives and customers invited.
The evenings highlight was a gala dinner accompanied by live music by the beat group Mister Bianco.


07From the right, Piazza, Bordone, Stola, x, y, z and Sardi.

 08Autumn 1965, the opening party in the new modeling shop of Alfredo Stola e Figli in via la Thuil 69 in which all the employees took part with their families
and customers. 
09The Beat group, typical of the time, was Myster Bianco.

101965 aluminum identification plate riveted on each model or resin produced by the company.The room, measuring 4000 square meters, tiled in stoneware, with high diffusion directional lighting, fully air-conditioned for all seasons, complete with 6 camera controlled reserved areas, 400 square meters of cast iron plates, 3 gantry lifts and above all the very first "Dea" electronic measuring machines.
Investments that, combined with the most skilled modelers in Turin, immediately made it one of the most modern model shops in Europe.

11One of the working areas for the modelers, Ruggeri is on the right and Marigonda Arrigo, in the hat, on the left at the back, with the red Ciliutti Silvano shirt.

12Another modelling area with the carraia exit in
via Villa Giusti.
13In the testing area one of the five DEAs.

14Test area, Carlo Mantovani stands checking a model for Ford using a DEA.15Larger view of the testing area.

16An example of the six restricted and closed areas called boxes. You can see the "no entry" sign
in nine languages.
17One of the six boxes, with three by six meters of cast iron surface, each equipped with a Quick
sliding on the grooves.

18A view of the testing area where you can see the crane for use by the modelers.19At the semi-automatic three-axis milling machine, Carlo Bordone, one of the two workshop managers.

20Michele Comba alla fresatrice piana.In this state of the art structure, the head-count almost doubled in the first year, reaching 60 employees.
A futuristic environment, oriented to both customers and workers, who appreciated the cleanliness, controlled air conditioning, perfect lighting, and the many load lifting apparatus.
The employees appreciated the family management and the industrial vision of the Stola brothers.
In that period most of the competitions modellers would have liked to have worked at"Alfredo Stola & Figli".
Francesco, 7 years older, was the president and Roberto, vice president. Two very different characters and therefore complementary to the company.
The former, a refined technician and modeler and the latter an extraordinary businessman, strongly oriented towards the customer. These characteristics, added to the extreme skill of the workers were the reason for a very significant growth in the years to come. The "master models" the Fiat 124 Coupè, the Ferrari 365 GT 2 + 2 for Pininfarina and the Autobianchi A111, were the main projects at the time of the move between the end of 1965 and the beginning of 1966.

211965 Master Model Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 Pininfarina

221965 Master Model Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 Pininfarina

23Giovanni Battista Farina. On 3 April 1966 the Commendator Giovanni Battista Pininfarina disappears, and the Stola Family remembers him with esteem and gratitude for the trust placed by his company in entrusting the realization of six master models.
The Modelleria degli Stola as supplier of Pininfarina in these ten years has been involved in the following projects:
Fiat 1200-1500 Cabriolet - Peugeot 404 Cabriolet - Lancia Flavia Coupe - Ferrari 330 GT 2 + 2 - Alfa Romeo Spider - Ferrari 365 GT 2 + 2.


241965 Master Model Autobianchi A111.

251965 Master Model Fiat 124 Coupè

26Giorgetto Giugiaro nel periodo dell'Isuzu.The very first project acquired and realized in the new premises was the "master model" of the Isuzu type 117 designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro. The meeting with the great stylist of Italaldesign and the management of the Japanese car manufacturer in 1966, represented the first sign of the internationalization of "Alfredo Stola & Figli". In the following 5 images you can see the various stages of the realization of the "Master Model".
The cube structure in standardized, milled steel, the assembly of the details on a tubular resin base and the testing phases on the plate, all very modern for at the time.
Using "Quick" electronic calibration and a controlled temperature environment, a dimensional tolerance of 2 tenths of a millimeter could be achieved.

271966 Master Model Isuzu 117 drawing by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

281966 Master Model Isuzu 117 in assembly.29Francesco Nada tests with the Quick the Master.

30From left, Carlo Bordone, Giuseppe Valentino, Bergoz Ladislao, Gastaldello, Fabbris, Francesco Stola
with his dog Lupo, Francesco Nada and Viviani.

311967 Master Model commercial vehicle FIAT.321967 Master Model Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Coupè Giugiaro.

331967 Master Model Alfa Romeo 1750 GT Coupè Giugiaro.

341968 Master Model FIAT 130 Berlina.

351968 Master Model FIAT 130 Berlina.361968 Master Model FIAT 130 Berlina.

371969 Mitsubishi Master Model designed by Giugiaro (S.I.R.P.). Probably from the Colt series, though not making it to production.381969 Mitsubishi Master Model designed by Giugiaro (S.I.R.P.). Probably from the Colt series, though not making it to production.

401969 Master Model FIAT 127.

The last Master Model realised at the end of the 1960s was that of the classic Flavia 3 series sedan. A work commissioned by the historic Turin-based Lancia brand, begun under the ownership of the financier Carlo Pesenti before it passed Fiat.

411969 Master Model Lancia 2000.

421968, a moment of relaxation in the resin department of Alfredo Stola & Figli. From left: Giuseppe Valentino, Carlo Bordone, Di Pietro, Foti and Zanellato.

43At the rear of the Fiat 850 T coach, modeler Marigonda Arrigo hand painted the bear and the wolf team mascot.


Between 1966 and 1969, Francesco, again in memory of his father, promoted a cycling team called "Alfredo Stola", a fashionable pursuit of the time.
For two out of the three years, they won the amateur championship for Piemonte, also winning dozens of cups in stage races in the adjoining Liguria and Lombardy regions.

44Turin, spring 1968 the "Alfredo Stola" team poses in Piazza Castello in front of the Royal Palace.
The child at the center is Alfredo Stola.

451969, director Pratis with the cyclists of the Alfredo Stola race team in the Roero.461969, director Pratis with the cyclists of the Alfredo Stola race team in the Roero.

471969 in the Roero region Francesco Stola together with his partner Angela Sardi and the manager of the administration Elisabetta Piazza attend the race.

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