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Disegno originale dello storico fumettista di Astorina Enzo Faccioli.Original drawing by famous Astorina cartoonist Enzo Faccioli.

On 12 September 2008, Turin was nominated "World Design Capital Torino 2008" and Studiotorino presented the 500 Diabolika project, based on an idea by Maria Paola Stola.
Two examples were produced of the artistic personalization, inspired by the comic book Diabolik published by Astorina.

01 a01 b

0212th September 2008, at Mycrom, Via Spalato, Turin..

03Dr. Mario Gomboli, editor at Astorina, Eva Kant and Maria Paola Stola.

Among the illustrious guests at the presentation of the 500 Diabolik were Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Marcello Gandini, Silvia Baruffaldi and Silvia Galli of Auto & Design.didascalia

Maria Paola Stola oversaw and coordinated the technical Partners Mycrom, Salt Gavina, ADM, Borrani, Brembo and Pirelli.
The selection of the specially commissioned comic strip drawings for the interior, was made with Mario Gomboli of the Diabolik publishers.

06July 2009. Palazzo Mistrot, Villarbasse (Turin). The two 500 Diabolika produced prior to delivery.


Still in the context of "Turin World Design Capital 2008", STUDIOTORINO proposes the "COUPETORINO".
A "cultural" project developed in collaboration with the Institute of Applied Art (IAAD) and Mercedes-Benz Design.

01July 15, 2008 the final design of the COUPRTORINO m.y. 2008 approved by Peter Pfeiffer.




Some of the styling proposals created in the spring of 2008 by Piotre Degler under the direction of Alfredo Stola.didascalia

0203Coupetorino scale model

04Piotr Degler Jablonski graduated
at IAAD in July 2008.

05Como july 9th, 2008 Mercedes-Benz style center;
Professor Peter Pfeiffer and Michele Paganetti
consider the sketches.

Premiered on December 12 at the Turin Gallery, COUPETORINO is presented at the exhibition "FORME FUORI DALLA SERIE" with a scale model, imagined for a single copy derived from the historic spider icon, the Mercedes SL (R 230).



In April 2009 a university teaching collaboration was born between Magna Steyr Italia directed by Tiziano Novo and Studiotorino at the prestigious King Saud University of Riyadh.
The aim is a real integrated project including a style model, a working prototype and above all a special degree in automotive engineering.
Meanwhile Professor Saied Mohamed H. Darwish of KSU interfaced directly with Tiziano Novo, Carlo Carena, Alfredo Stola and Peter Arcadipane.
Studiotorino will also take care of the design and Alfredo Stola will entrust it to his dear friend Peter Arcadipane.
This project is carried out on the production Mercedes G Class which, not surprisingly, is produced by Magna Steyr in their Austrian factory in Graz.

02April 2009 - Riyadh at King Saud University. First official meeting at work starting, present the Vice Rectore professor Ali Saeed Al-Ghamdi, Doctor Tiziano Novo and Ing.W. Breitenhuber from magna Steyr, Professor Saied Mohamed H. Darwish and Alfredo Stola.03April 2009 in Riyadh , Vice rector Proff. Ali Saeed A-Ghamdi and Proff. Saied Mohamed H. Darwish of the KSU and Doctor Tiziano Novo of the Magna Steyr Italia.

04Alfredo Stola with Professor Saied Mohamed H. Darwish and one of the KSU students in Riyadh.

05Riyadh 2009. Carlo Carena e Michael Storey della Magna Steyr italia con il pfessor Darwish ad una lezione di ingegneria alla King Saud University.

06Peter Arcadipane in team with the KSU students, designed the Gazal-1 style for STUDIOTORINO.07At the Holiday Inn Hotel in Riyadh pre-select the style design before going to KSU.

08GAZAL 1 KSU style model

09Mercedes G-Class 10GAZAL 1 KSU style model

The Première to present the style model called GAZAL 1 is at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010 at the King Saud University Stand. In June the project finishes with the presentation of a perfectly running prototype at the Royal Palace in Jeddah, before the presence of HRH King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, accompanied by the Minister of Education Khalid Al-Angara and the rector of King Saud University Dr. Abdullah Al-Othman.
Studiotorino for the realization of the prototype, in collaboration with the project leader Carlo Carena and of course Tiziano Novo, will have a technical consultancy assignment; Alfredo Stola will make several trips to Riyadh for on-the-job training directly with university students.

11Geneve, March 2010, the Gazal Syle model on the King Saud University stand.

12Geneve 2010, in the KSU stand from left Alfredo Stola, Ali Al Samhan (ksu), Tiziano Novo ( Magna Steyr Italia) Saied Mohamed H. Darwish (ksu).

13End of May 2010. Gazal's marching prototype just arrived in Riyadh.14End of May 2010. The interiors of the Gazal prototype just arrived in Riyadh

15Alfredo Stola with the King Saud University students
in Riyadh.

16Jeddah June 15, 2010. HRH King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud with the direction of the KSU to the presentation of the perfectly running prototype of the Gazal 1.

Beyond the academic and technical aspects of the project, the experience provided a good opportunity for co-operation, cultural exchange and the development of new friendships.

17Jeddah June 15, 2011: group photo with King Abdullah Al Saud together with the management e Professor Darwish with KSU students from the first automotive engineering course.


01Milan Malpensa Qatar Airways flight n.6036 12 january 2011 Airbus A310 destination Doha.On January 26, 2011, the RK Coupé is guest at the first Qatar Motor Show in Doha.
During the initiative
"The Masters of Italian Car Design in Qatar",
the RK Coupé is shown at the Salt stand in the Anfia area dedicated to Italian coachbuilders.

02Doha January 26 th 2011, Studiotorino Rk Coupè at the first international Qatar Motorshow in the ANFIA stand.


On November 26th, 2011 Alfredo Stola was a guest speaker at the Art Department of Teheran University and gave two talks:  on "The Essence of Craftsmanship RK Spyder and RK Coupè" and on “Art and Cars”.
His lectures were part of the Style modeling course presented by the group of students preparing for the degree in  "Industrial-Car Design”. 



The project, supervised by Professor Robert Sarkissian and the  group leaders Siavash Jafari Jozan and Mani Keramati,  was aimed at creating a "Style Clay Model" of an interior inspired by Audi R8.
This was for Studiotorino a truly unique experience as we worked with very knowledgeable professors and talented students, all sharing a rare passion for car design and its history.


03First line from left: Mr Ramin Mahbobi, Mr Robert Sarkisian, Mr Cyrille Jegu, Alfredo Stola, Miss Roza Hosseini, Miss Fatima Safikhani and Miss Leyla Ensaniyat. Second line from left: Miss Tayebe Kharestani, Miss Mina Kasirifar, Mr Siavash Jafari Jozani and Mr Sam Antighechian.


On 11th of July, 2012 at the historic "Sursock Palace" mansion in Beirut, Ralph Debbas presents the W Motors company to the press and a selected audience composed by politicians and entrepreneurs.
On this occasion, the first details of the future Lykan model are unvealed, which is presented as the first "Middle East Hypercar" in this ambitious project.

01Alluminum sculpture featuring the specific lines of the future Lykan built by WMotors

Beforse exhibiting the style model at the Dohaa 2013 car salon, there have been two preparatory meetings in Turin with Magna Steyr and Studiotorino, in order to study the whole project and its technical feasibility. The refined design by W Motors has been entirely developed in Beirut by Ralph Debbas and Anthony Jannarelly.

02At the end of the first press conference in Beirut. From the left : Alfredo Stola, Ralph Debbas, Saari El Khalil,
Tiziano Novo and Anthony Jannarelly.

03An unforgettable moment of the
Inauguration party in Beirut.
04Ralph Debbas during his first speech to the Event
guests in Beirut.

On January 28, 2013, W Motors,, presents its worldwide Premiere of the Lykan style model at the Qatar Motor Show in Doha.
In cooperation with Magna Steyr Italia directed by Doctor Tiziano Novo, Studiotorino advised to the construction of the style model.
In these months, Alfredo Stola will interface with the project leader Carlo Carena.
The extraordinary design of the Lykan hypercar has been costructed by Antony Jannarelly under the watchful eye of Ralph Debbas, CEO of W Motors.

01A toast of the working team during the Lykan style model construction on Secoli plant. Rivoli, November 2012. From the left: Turi Suraci, Lello Locantore, Sergio Boero, Alfredo Stola, Ralph Debbas, Anthony Jannarelly, Tiziano Novo, Carlo Carena, Flavio Secoli, Davide Secoli.

02Doha, January 28, 2013, Qatar Motorshow, world premiere of the Lykan style model in the W Motors stand. Sari El Khalil and Sultan Abu-Sultant introduce the Lykan to the Qatar Prime Minister and Foregin Affairs His Excellency Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jalsor al Thani.


COUPETORINO m.y. 2013 is a non-profit academic project conceived by Studiotorino and promoted by Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola. Its goal is to train six young students who attend Istituto di Arte Applicata e Design di Torino (IAAD) directed by Laura Milani.


The first joint study between STUDIOTORINO and Steffen Koehl of Global Advance Design MERCEDES BENZ was to transform the new iconic Mercedes SL spider into an exclusive Coupe.

02September 27, 2012 Paris Autoshow. Alfredo Stola shows the first student's drawings to Steffen Koehl.03Official poster of the project COUPETORINO

04Alfredo e Maria Paola Stola in the classroom
with the students.

05Como, May 27, 2013 Design Center Mercedes Benz, final presentation of the project. I. Moriggi, C. Zanot, S. Manini, B. Arena, A. Stola, D. Pellegrino, S. Koehl, MP. Stola, L. Milani, M. Paganetti, M. Bavaro, R. Cascone.

The final presentation of the study took place in Como on May 27, 2013 at the MERCEDES BENZ Design Center directed by Michele Paganetti.
The event was presided over by Koehl and Paganetti and completed with a 1/4-scale version sponsored by SKORPION, a multimedia presentation of the work and display of the six illustrations accomplished by each student in complete freedom of creativity.

06One of the 6 free drawing made by the students.

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