01Turin, March, 22 2016, Ugo Nespolo at his atellier.

Since the 1970’s, Art and Automobiles have come together in some of the most important museums in the world. Artists such as Alexander Calder, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol have all expressed their creativity on BMW bodywork.
Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola, in wanting to express their passion for the Porsche brand, have commissioned  artist Ugo Nespolo to create a unique artwork portraying the prototypes that they have created between 2001 and 2014.
Titled “Nate a Torino”, Born in Turin, the work was presented at the artist’s studio on 22nd March 2016 and is currently displayed at “MAUTO” , the national automobile museum in Turin.



Between the 8th and 12th of June 2016, the Mont Cenis S.F. 1/1 was displayed on the Studiotorino stand at the second " Salone dell'Auto 2016 Parco del Valentino" in Turin.
A fitting tribute to our city and our desire to show the prototype once again to an estimated 500,000 visitors of the motor show.

01Moncenisio S.F. 1/1 displayed at the second edition of "Salone dell'Auto Parco del Valentino".

We were especially proud of the request from Gabiele Morosini, founder and CEO of “Cars and Coffee Italy”, to display our now classic prototypes, the RUF RK Coupe and Spyder, at the event.
The event was framed by the Valentino Castle and the prestigious Faculty of Architecture in Turin.

02Salone dell'Auto Parco del Valentino official poster.03

04Ruf RK Spyder and Coupè prototype at Valentino Castle in Turin during Cars and Coffee gathering.05June, 11, Gabriele Morosini President of
Cars and Coffee Italia and Alfredo Stola.


Beijing On July 3rd, 2016 in in the ball room of the Beijing Hotel, the model named SEVEN was shown to selected guests of the national entrepreneurial world.
The model SEVEN belongs to the new automotive company ICONIQ.
The model in the city of Rivoli surrounded by the workers.

01Rivoli, June 20th 2016 , the model SEVEN in the Mercury factory. From the left R.Iraldi, E.Rizzardi, G.Aiola, F.Secoli, G.Boccafogli, D.Secoli, G.Comollo, T.Novo Alan Wu, A.Stola, Karim Banna.

ICONIQ and SEVEN are an idea of Mr Alan Wu, whose target is to create an exclusive and luxury MVP full electric traction.
Along with the engineering support of Magna and the design by W Motors, Studiotorino carried out the duties of technical advisor for Magna Steyr for the realization of the exterior model.

02Beijing, July 3rd, 2016.
The SEVEN by ICONIQ presented at the
prémière in Beijing.
03From the left: Hassine Sioud, Bruno Lambert, Tiziano Novo, Ralph Debbas, Alan Wu, Sam Fu, Alfredo Stola, Exequiel Disalvo, William Wu.



On the 4th of July 2016, Nicola La Torre presented his final work to the commission of the IAAD University.
The external mentor was Maria Paola Stola, representing Studiotorino.
The title of this interesting work is " The New Smart Roadster".

02Turin, 4 th of July 2016. The commission of the IAAD University: M. P. Stola, L. Milani, M. Vendrame, G. Concilio03The IAAD Director Laura Milani and the research supervisor Maria Paola Stola listen to Nicola la Torre's exposition.


La Torre has been influenced by one of Studiotorino's distinguish features and he has reinterpreted with great personality the boot and its two posterior (pillars).
An important element of this composition is the exclusive interview to Michael Mauer, organized by Maria Paola, considering his past experience as Director of the Style sector in Smart, for two years.


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October2016 Design developed in the "Post Thesis" with Gaglione as Tutor.

On July 8th Giuseppe Iuliano exposed his final work “ ALFA ROMEO DUETTO ANALISI DEL MITO E IPOTESI CONTEMPORANEA” at IAAD in Turin. It is a very important topic for Studiotorino because Alfa Duetto was one of the most important design expression in the Italian automotive world. Aldo Brovarone and Alfredo Stola were the external relators of this final work.

02March 2016: Iuliano meets Aldo Brovarone (creator
of the DuettoDNA through the prototypes
Pininfarina Super Flow in 1956) in his house.
03September 2016. Work of the Post Degree
program of Giuseppe Iuliano and
his tutor Daniele Gaglione.


On the 50 th anniversary of the presentation of the Duetto model, the final work analized the potential evolution that this car could have had if it had never gone out of production. The research studied,in an unconventional way, the stylistic evolution of the Porsche 911 and the Mazda Mx-5 in order to understand the staylistic dynamics from 1994 to these days.

06July 8th 2016: Giuseppe IUliano exposes his final work
to the IAAD commission in Turin.
07Iuliano and the Commission: A. Stola, A. Brovarone,
L. Milani, M. Vendrame, M. Di Marco.

The architect Daniele Gaglione (Alfa Romeo Design Center in Arese 2001-2010), the tutor of this final work, contributed with generosity and passion to create a Post Degree program  with Giuseppe Iuliano. The purpose of this collaboration is to refine the design and find a more genuine Alfa Romeo DNA.

08August 2016 the architect Daniele Gaglione and Giuseppe
Iuliano at the first Post Degree meeting.
09May 2003 Villa D'Este: Daniele Gaglione exterior designer
of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

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