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END 1993

A few months after this project delivery, BMW Styling Center requested the creation of a style model for a motorcycle.
This was a very interesting project, the design by Richard Kong was very particular and really different from the classic output of the Bavarian producer.
The bike was developed by modelers Stefano Ardagna and Saverio Spadone, and BMW's technicians were very satisfied, not only with the quality, but in particular for the working methodology and the perfect symbiosis between the Stola men and their own stylists.
This is to be considered the first work for the BMW Style Centre in Munich directed by Chris Bangle (the two Z13s were from the TECHNIK department) , and the result went on to bring in other prestigious orders.

01Rivoli spring 1994 Stefano Ardagna (pictured) and Saverio Spadone will create the built style model on a specific frame. The style works are directed by the designer Richard Kong.

021994 In Stola s.p.a. the hard material style model of the BMW R1200C motorcycle is made.
The designer is Richard Kong.


MARCH 1994

In March 1994, the engineer Leonardo Fioravanti during a visit to STOLA spa in Rivoli, proposed a bold technical research project for a new door.
The name was “Nuova Piccola” and would require the construction of a styling model with opening doors. The idea was to design a symmetrical door that could be opened in either direction, from front or rear.

011994 The design of the special symmetrical opening door was designed and patented by Fioravanti srl.
The project was developed at Stola spa by Gottardo Bustreo and his team on the instructions
of the engineer Leonardo Fioravanti.

It was a difficut challenge, but with the ideas of Fioravanti, and the work of Gottardo Bustreo and the STOLA designers, they carried out a technical study that went on to be patented by Fioravanti srl.
This idea went on to be presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1996 by Fioravanti on the Nyce concept.

02April 1994 Rivoli. The opening door model of “Nuova Piccola” , designed by Leonardo Fioravanti.


APRIL 1994

At the end of April 1994, the Opel Style Centre in Russelsheim ordered STOLA s.p.a to build a hard see-through style model for the new Astra.
Accustomed to the clay model process, Opel were curious to see the different technical approach.
The point of reference for this job is George Gallion, an Opel director contacted many months previous by Alberto Sasso.
The work was carried out in Rivoli by the stola modelers following direction by Gallion himself, he was so satisfied that six months later he ordered a complete hard model of an interior for their first minivan, the Zafira.

01April 1994. A hard see-through style model of the Astra, made for Opel.

02July 1994, George Gallion

03The letter of thanks for the excellent work done on the occasion of the Astra project.

041995, Stola s.p.a., a complete hard model of the interior for the Opel Zafira is made.

Spring 1994


Looking back over thirty years, it's impressive to see what China was, what China has become today and what it can still become in the automotive sector...

1994 Pechino: situazione delle strade.1994 Beijing: road situation.2024 Pechino: situazione delle strade.2024 Beijing: road situation.


In the spring of 1994, for the first time in the history of STOLA S.p.A. China, understood as a state strongly interested in the automobile. This will happen through the Porsche and Mercedes companies, which at the same time and without the knowledge of both, will contact Mr and Mrs Stola directly in the same period, and will immediately become their extraordinary customers. The Chinese government, in the person of its President, had consulted the most important car manufacturers in the world to ask them to imagine the future of the automobile in their nation, asking for a prototype to be exhibited in their first Automobile Show in Beijing planned for following autumn.

Porsche will present the C88 based on Skoda and Mercedes the FCC based on Class A, both made in STOLA S.p.A..

In 1994, both Porsche and Mercedes will interpret the future of the Chinese car in an extremely popular way as can be seen from the type of prototypes presented.



1994 Torino: foto ufficiale della C88 scattata appena terminato il prototipo.1994 Turin: official photo of the C88 taken as soon as the prototype was completed.

1994 Torino: foto ufficiale della FCC scatta appena terminato il prototipo. Questa famiglia cinese, la Mercedes l’ha appositamente invitata a Torino per partecipare alla foto.1994 Turin: official FCC photo taken as soon as the prototype was finished. This family Chinese, Mercedes specially invited her to Turin to take part in the photo.

In the next pages these two very particular projects will be described and illustrated in detail.


MAY 1994

01May 1994, Weissach, Porsche design centre the finished clay model.In May 1994, a meeting took place at the Porsche Style Center in Weissach.
The participants were the director Harm Lagay and his assistants Peter Reisinger, Roland Heiler, Eric Obers. They were there to outline an interesting project to Roberto and Alfredo Stola.
C88 would be a new running show car to be presented at the Beijing motor show.
The client was the Chinese government who were commissioning another 19 Show Cars from the world's leading automotive manufacturers all to be exhibited together. The purpose was to understand how these renowned automotive manufacturers imagined the future motorization of the Chinese family.
Porsche sent its clay model to Rivoli where the Stola spa modelers would build the fiberglass bodywork through the use of negative resins.
The interior model on the other hand is made entirely in the Stola modeling shop in Rivoli.The Porsche designer Achim Ansceidt was resident Stola for four months.

02September 1994, Rivoli, G. Dequino, M. Samuelli, G. Comollo, S. Ardagna, S. Tropea, M. Vai, F. Rosiello.

03September 1994 Rivoli, just before painting.

04In both photos we recognize S. Ardagna and and M Samuelli.

05October 1994 Rivoli, from the left Roland Heiler, Achim Anscheidt, Dequino, Vicky Berry, Dimaria and Bianco.

06 November 1994 ,the Porsche C88 concept07November 1994, the Porsche C88 concept interior

082019, currently the C88 prototype is exhibited in the Porsche museum in Zuffenhausen.

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