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 August 2019

01Official logos of the The Quail event.

Ralph Debbas CEO of W Motors, on the occasion of the 2019 Monterey Car Week edition, decides to participate with a Fenyr SuperSport in "The Quail" event in Carmel, California where on August 16th it will be exhibited in the W Motors stand.

Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola are personally invited to follow this extraordinary road trip divided into two parts, which began in Los Angeles towards Dead Valley to shoot a film, and at night a photo shoot in Las Vegas before returning to Santa Monica.



August 13, 2019: Ralph Debbas and Alfredo Stola shortly before entering in the Death Valley.didascalia

04August 13, 2019: Ralph Debbas drives his Fenyr into Death Valley for the video.


August 13, 2019: just arrived at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas; behind the Fenyr Nael Alieh, Gareth Davies and Ralph Debbas. Fenyr parking for the night at the Bellagio.didascalia

07August 13, 2019: the Fenyr in Las Vegas Down Town.

08August 14, 2019: Alfredo Stola and Ralph Debbas in Las Vegas before leaving for Santa Monica

The last stretch is to reach Carmel on the splendid Pacific Coast 1 West California” road following the Run Fuel” caravan.

Truly an unforgettable experience, with  W Motors friends met over time as Gareth Davis and Nael Alieh follow this Fenyr SuperSport in the western part of the United States for over 1300 km.


15 August 2019: Maria Paola and Alfredo Stola with Ralph Debbas in Santa Monica before leaving to Carmel. In the meantime, wash and detail the Fenyr before applying Fuel Run strikers Fuel Run stickers.didascalia

13August 15, 2019: Maria Paola Stola a few minutes before departure for Carmel on Pacific 1.

12 August 15, 2019: on the Pacific 1 the Fenyr just before crossing the iconic Bi Bridge.


August 15, 2019: in downtown Carmel after lunch at Enzo's. In the photo they recognize each other Ralph Debbas Stefan and Estonia Ruf didascalia

15August 16: 2019: Fenyr at The Queil event in the W Motors stand.

It was then pleasantly unexpected to meet John Lotz in Carmel in the same week, also taking part in the Monterey Week, and therefore to be able to see his STUDIOTORINO Ruf R Spyder again, the second example built, the only one with the engine without a volumetric compressor.

1617 August 2019: Alfredo Stola with the Ruf R Spyder Studiotorino by John Lotz in the are residential in Pebble Beach.

Truly an extraordinary and unrepeatable moment of pure passion for cars, not days of work but of a true holiday.



On 19 December 2019, a major show car on the world stage is being delivered, and it is scheduled to be unveiled on 6 January 2020 in Las Vegas at the Consumers Electronic Show (C.E.S.).
It is the debut of Japanese electronics giant Sony in the automotive sector, its name is Vision S, and its stated goal is to enter the electric mobility sector also through integrated electronic systems dedicated to safety, driver assistance, and infotainment.
Magna Steyr is a partner of Sony for various activities including a dynamic show car.
STUDIOTORINO was the technical advisor for the construction of the Show Car for Magna Steyr Italy.
For the Stola family, there could not have been a more important occasion to end this month of December, coinciding with 100 years of work on the automobile that began in Turin back in 1919.

Rivoli 19 dicembre 2019. presso la modelleria Mercury. La foto ufficiale della Sony Vision S insieme a parte del Team. Da Sinistra Beppe Aiola,  Ermes Rizzardi,  Valentino Vernacea,  Robert Vernacea,  Cristian Damiano,  Massimo Mingozzi,  Pier Germano,  Walter Isabello,  Silvano Grasso,  Maurizio Damiano,  Beppe Comollo,  Massimo Picariello (ARAS),  Gianpaolo Bedin (Raitec),  Luca Curbis,  Roberto Gatto (GR Painting),  Sokol Kroni (GR Painting),  Federico Cantillo (Magna Steyr), Ruffo Domenico,  Luca Corbelli,  Stefano Vair,  Yasufumi Ogawa (Sony), Manfred Pircher (Magna Steyr),  Marcus Haubenwallner (Magna Steyr),  Sergio Prandi (Magna Steyr), Davide Secoli,  Flavio Secoli,  Tiziano Novo (Magna Steyr) e  Alfredo Stola (Studiotorino)Rivoli 19 December 2019. at the Mercury modeling shop. The official photo of the Sony Vision S together with part of the Team. From left Beppe Aiola, Ermes Rizzardi, Valentino Vernacea, Robert Vernacea, Cristian Damiano, Massimo Mingozzi, Pier Germano, Walter Isabello, Silvano Grasso, Maurizio Damiano, Beppe Comollo, Massimo Picariello (ARAS), Gianpaolo Bedin (Raitec), Luca Curbis, Roberto Gatto (GR Painting), Sokol Kroni (GR Painting), Federico Cantillo (Magna Steyr), Ruffo Domenico, Luca Corbelli, Stefano Vair, Sony Memnber, Manfred Pircher (Magna Steyr), Marcus Haubenwallner (Magna Steyr), Sergio Prandi (Magna Steyr), Davide Secoli, Flavio Secoli, Tiziano Novo (Magna Steyr) and Alfredo Stola (Studiotorino)

The Vision S's beautiful exterior and interior design is the work of the Sony Style Centre in Tokyo, while the colours and materials are from their European centre in Lund.
The platform (chassis, mechanics, electric motors and battery) is provided by Magna Steyr Austria, the body and interior engineering and sub-assembly construction and assembly is by Magna Steyr Italy.
Among the Magna managers directly involved are Manfred Pircher Project Director, Marcus Haubenwallner, Tiziano Novo General Manager of the Magna Italy division and Sergio Prandi Project Leader in Italy.

Rivoli ottobre 2019. Presso gli uffici della Mercury il Team residente Sony.Rivoli October 2019. The resident Sony Team at the Mercury offices.

0304Rivoli October 2019. From the left we can recognize L. Curbis, M. Mingozzi, S. Vair, X, F. Secoli and a. Stole.didascalia

Rivalta 22 novembre 2019 presso il reparto sellatura prototipale Aras diretto da Massimo Picariello. Piero Dimonopoli, insieme a Sergio Prandi discutono con Linda Lissola del Centro Stile Sony svedese la cui sede è nella città di Lund.Rivalta November 22, 2019 at the Aras prototype saddling department directed by Massimo Picariello.
Piero Dimonopoli, together with Sergio Prandi with the manager of the Sony Style Center
Swedish company whose headquarters are in the city of Lund.

060708Rivalta November - December 2019 at Aras. From the left we can recognize Tina, Gaetano Bottiglieri and Aldina.didascalia

09Davide Secoli, Flavio Secoli and Federico Cantillo.10Flavio Secoli

Rivoli novembre 2019. Una visita al prototipo prima della verniciatura di Helmut Gasser vice presidente Magna Engeenering Germania e Italia, presenti in quel momento Tiziano Novo general manager di Magna Steyr Italia e Alfredo Stola.Rivoli November 2019. A visit to the prototype before painting by Helmut Gasser vice president Magna Engeenering Germany and Italy, present at that time Tiziano Novo general manager of Magna Steyr Italy and Alfredo Stola.


15Turin 16-17 November 2019. At the Four Studios center, the technicians of Magna Steyr Austria at work for 48 consecutive hours, in shifts, for dynamic tests and related softweare adjustments.

None 26 novembre 2019 presso GR Painting. Iniziano le attività di verniciatura, Alfredo Stola descrive a Tiziano Novo il dettaglio del logo della Sony Vision S. Da sinistra si riconoscono...None November 26, 2019 at GR Painting. The painting activities begin, Alfredo Stola describes the detail of the Sony Vision S logo to Tiziano Novo. From the left you can recognize ...

17M. Catania, Soko, E. Trentinella, F. Pezzolati, S. Gatto, R. Gatto and A. Stola.18In the foreground K. Sokol, F. Cantillo and R. Gatto. In the background F. Pezzolati, M. Mingozzi and B. Biswajit.

19We recognize K. Sokol and E. Trentinella.20The historic painter Erminio Trentinella.

None 29 novembre 2019. Da sinistra X, Y, Ueda Arinobu e Sergio Prandi.None November 29, 2019. From left X, Y, Ueda Arinobu and Sergio Prandi.

On 10 December 2019 in Rivoli, just a few days before the delivery of the Show Car, a very important deliberation meeting took place between the Sony Management and the Magna Steyr Presidency; the objectives were to verify the quality of the bodywork and interior and the functionality of the systems.
There are only 9 days left to transport the Concept from Rivoli to Las Vegas, and its arrival at the Sony booth inside the Convention Center is scheduled for 2 January 2020.

Rivoli 6 dicembre 2019 presso la modelleria Mercury. Sergio Prandi in coordinamento con Tiziano Novo, qualche giorno prima prepara la visita più importante programmata per il 10 dicembre. E' previsto l'arrivo del completo Team Sony e del Presidente Magna Steyr. Si riconoscono oltre a Prandi Henrik Erbeus (Sony Lund), Federico Cantillo (Magna Steyr Italia). Sullo sfondo vicino al prototipo si riconoscono Beppe Comollo e Beppe Airola.Rivoli December 6, 2019 at the Mercury model shop. Sergio Prandi in coordination with Tiziano Novo,
prepares the most important visit scheduled for 10 December a few days before.
The full Sony Team and President Magna Steyr are expected to arrive. 

Rivoli 7 dicembre 2019.Rivoli 7 December 2019.

 242526Rivoli 9 December 2019. The electronic and electrical team of Magna Steyr Austria at work for the last refinements.
They recognize each other ...

Rivoli 10 dicembre 2019. i Team al lavoro. Da sinistra si riconoscono Davide Secoli, Beppe Aiola, Massimo Mingozzi, di spalle Frank Klein, X, Y, Z, Yasufumi Ogawa, K, Tiziano Novo, W, Takuya Motoishi.Rivoli 10 December 2019. the Teams at work. From the left you can recognize Davide Secoli, Beppe Aiola, Massimo Mingozzi, from behind Frank Klein, X, Y, Z, K, Tiziano Novo, W, J.

Rivoli 10 dicembre 2019 ore 08:00. In attesa dell'arrivo della Direzione Sony, previsto per le ore 09:00.Sulla destra un intensa discussione fra il general manager di Mgna Steyr Italia Tiziano Novo e Frank Klein presidente di Magna Steyr; fra i due Alfredo Stola di Studiotorino e Davide Secoli di Mercury. Sulla sinistra in primo piano Sergio Prandi di Magna Steyr capo progetto Sony Vision S, accanto a lui del Team Sony residente Ishibashi Hidenori.Rivoli 10 December 2019 at 08:00. Waiting for the arrival of the Sony Management, scheduled for 09:00. On the right, an intense discussion between the general manager of Mgna Steyr Italia Tiziano Novo and Frank Klein, president of Magna Steyr; between the two Alfredo Stola from Studiotorino and Davide Secoli from Mercury. On the left in the foreground Sergio Prandi of Magna Steyr head of Sony Vision S project, next to him of the resident Sony Team Ishibashi Hidenori.

Rivoli 10 December 2019 at 09: 00. A manager from Sony management presents the progress of the work.didascalia

Rivoli 10 dicembre 2019 ore 10:45 inzia l'ispezione al prototipo Vision S ormai "quasi" finito.Rivoli 10 December 2019 at 10:45 am begins the inspection of the Vision S prototype now "almost" finished.

32Rivoli 10 December 2019 at 12:00. Sergio Prandi demonstrates the operation of the front lighting group to Sony Management and to the President of Magna Steyr. From the left you can recognize ............

333435Rivoli 10 December 2019. Sony's Management examines other details of the Vision S.
You recognize .............................. ...............................................

Rivoli 16 dicembre 2019. I cerchioni realizzati per Magna Steyr Italia da 2elle Engineering sono gli ultimi componenti ad arrivare. Nella fotografia Ueda Arinobu, chiamato amichevolmente George, simbolicamente insieme ad Alfredo Stola montano l'ultima ruota, come consuetudine gommata Pirelli.Rivoli December 16, 2019. The rims made for Magna Steyr Italia by 2elle Engineering
are the last components to arrive. 

37Rivoli December 16. Davide Secoli and Massimo Mingozzi.Rivoli 16 dicembre. Del Team Sony X e Ueda Arinobu.Rivoli December 16. From Team Sony X and Ueda Arinobu.

39Rivoli 17 December. Takuya Motoishi.40Rivoli 17 December. F. Cantillo, A. Stola and S. Prandi, X, Y

Teams Sony, Magna Austria, Magna Italy and Studiotorino interacted throughout the Show Car's construction period, working side by side in Rivoli.
Sophisticated low-speed dynamic testing of the driving systems took place in a large, secure facility in Turin by Team Sony and Magna Austria before departure for the US, making the Vision S a Show Car that is functional in every detail like few others.

17 dicembre 2019 Rivoli. Parte dei Team Sony, Magna Steyr Austria, Magna Steyer Italia e Studiotorino e Mercury posano in una foto ricordo prima del trasporto della Vision S al teatro fotografico Four Studios a Torino. Si riconoscono da Sinistra F. Secoli, A Stola, M. Mingozzi, T. Novo..............................................................17 December 2019 Rivoli. Part of the Sony Team, Magna Steyr Austria, Magna Steyer Italia and Studiotorino and Mercury pose in a souvenir photo before transporting the Vision S to the Four Studios photographic theater in Turin. We recognize from Sinistra F. Secoli, A Stola, M. Mingozzi, T. Novo ................................ ..............................

18 December 2019 Turin. The photographer Piotr Degler Jablonski, commissioned by Magna Steyr Italia,
begins the official photographic service.



47December 31, 2019.The result of the post-production of the photo shoot made in Turin on December 18:
the official photos of Sony Vision S.

2 gennaio 2020. Il prototipo Sony Vision S via camion arriva al Convention Center di Las Vegas proveniente da Los Angeles.January 2, 2020. The Sony Vision S prototype by truck arrives at the Las Vegas Convention Center from Los Angeles.

6 gennaio 2020 Las Vegas. Presso lo stand della Sony il CEO Kenichiro Yoshida presenta alla stampa il concept Vision S.January 6, 2020 Las Vegas. At the Sony booth, CEO presents the Vision S concept to the press.

6 gennaio 2020 Las Vegas. Alfredo Stola insieme a Manfred Pircher (capo progetto Magna Steyr Austria) e Tiziano Novo (General Manager Magna Steyr Italia) brindano al successo della presentazione appena terminata.January 6, 2020 Las Vegas. Alfredo Stola together with Manfred Pircher (project leader Magna Steyr Austria) and Tiziano Novo (General Manager Magna Steyr Italy) toast to the success of the presentation that has just ended.

It is also for this reason, namely the great functionality and thus the realism of this Show Car, that at the conclusion of the Las Vegas event, on 10 January 2020, the international jury of accredited journalists awarded the Sony Vision S the 'Best of the Show' award.

10 gennaio 2020 Las Vegas la consegna del prestigioso riconoscimento al Team Sony.10 January 2020 Las Vegas the delivery of the prestigious award to Team Sony.


MARCH 2020


02In the second half of 2020, a collaboration between Studiotorino and the European Institute of Design in Turin was born. Maria Paola Stola gets a university teaching position in a Transportation Design workshop with eighty students for eighty hours of lessons.
The teaching is completely online due to the lockdown for Covid 19 with the students divided into four classes from various parts of the world; due to the different time zones, students were forced to make particular sacrifices.

03 05  
Spring 2020. Villarbasse. Online lessons from the Stola home studio.

Throughout the 100 years of the work history of the Stola family, the fundamental technological steps of design and construction of the automobile have been analysed and re-evaluated, the fundamental phases for the realization of prototypes were established in Stola s.p.a. and later in Studiotorino.
In parallel, the students designed a lunar rover in accordance with NASA's plans for the Artemis Mission, that will bring the first woman and another man to the moon in the year 2024.
The lessons held over a three-month period focused not only on the mobility of the earth but also on that of our natural satellite.
A group project, normally carried out in the classroom with exchanges of views and knowledge, given the pandemic situation, had to be transformed into individual projects. Eighty lunar Rover projects will be progressed following the technical guidelines published by NASA aimed at industries all over the world.
Here are some examples of the work done.













The second workshop which took place in the first semester A.A. 2020-21 focused once again on the work done by the Stola family in the automotive field over 100 years.
The evolution over time of the creation of the car and all the steps required to bring a car into production.
Processes that naturally concern the world of design.
The collaboration with the IED university was stimulating from an intellectual point of view, prompting us to retrace the history of 100 years over and over again.


37One of the most exciting topics of this workshop.Unpublished films, complete projects and exclusive photos of particular cars such as the Lancia Stratos Zero, seen after the restoration of the mechanics followed by Alfredo Stola for the collector Phillip Sarofim.
The thing that most gratified us was the satisfaction, interest and passion shown by the students and the management of IED Turin led by Professor Michele Albera.

Autumn 2020. Maria Paola Stola during the DAD lessons.didascalia


2 JULY 2020

On 2 July 2020, in this year of lockdown for Covid 19, Maria Paola Stola for Studiotorino was external speaker for the graduation theses of the students Skender Zdrava and Fabrizio Allione of IAAD (Institute of Applied Art and Design).
As usual, the titles of the theses were chosen by Studiotorino, a commissioned work is simulated
whereby the student becomes the "supplier".

012 July 2020 Room X Online discussion of IAAD Torino theses.

02Commisione di tesi per Skender Zdrava 03Discussion of Fabrizio Allione's thesis.

The titles this year were “Porsche Udara” with Zdrava, an electric SUV designed on the chassis of the Taycan model, an exercise in interior and exterior style following the philosophy of Studiotorino.







Another project,” Maserati Zefiro” by Allione, a Gran Turismo inspired by the Maserati stylistic elements of the 70s with notable modern interpretations.

Sketch finale della Maserati Zefiro, fuoriserie STUDIOTORINO di Fabrizio Allione.Final sketch of the Maserati Zefiro, STUDIOTORINO custom-built by Fabrizio Allione.



Varie fasi della ricerca di design.Various stages of design research.

The undergraduates presented their theses online in July, but, with great surprise given the situation, on 6 October, Dr. Laura Milani, director of IAAD, organized an unforgettable graduation ceremony which was held at the Juventus Stadium. Three hundred students heard their name announced by the historic speaker of the Turin team, in front of a restricted but still numerous audience of parents, friends and teachers.

6 ottobre 2020. Juventus Stadium Torino. Graduation Day IAAD 2020.6 October 2020. Juventus Stadium Turin. Graduation Day IAAD 2020.

21The director Dr. Laura Milani proclaims the graduates.22Professor Masato Inoue and Maria Paola.

6 October 2020. Juventus Stadium Turin. Proclamation of Skender Zdrava.didascalia

6 October 2020. Juventus Stadium Turin. Proclamation by Fabrizio Allione.didascalia



On 12 August 2020, twin prototypes known by design codes Nice 1 and Nice 2, left from Rivoli. These acronyms were no coincidence, in fact they refer to the famous city of the Côte d'Azur designated as the start for the Tour de France.
Francia 2020. Foto del team Grenadier fra una tappa e l’altra del Tour de France. Da sinistra Egan Bernal, Michael Kwiatkowski, Luke Rowe, Richard Carapaz, Jonathan Castroviejo, Andrei Amador, Dylan Van Baarle, Pavel Sivakov.France 2020. Photos of the Grenadier team between stages of the Tour de France. From left Egan Bernal, Michael Kwiatkowski, Luke Rowe, Richard Carapaz, Jonathan Castroviejo, Andrei Amador, Dylan Van Baarle, Pavel Sivakov.Grenadier, a new start-up in the automotive sector, is part of the of the global chemical giant Ineos group.
The brand is known to the general public for the extraordinary sporting passion of its founder Jim Ratcliffe who formed the Grenadier cycling team "Ineos TeamUK" and the Britannia monohull that participated in the 2021 edition of the American's Cup.
They are also sponsors of the two Mercedes - AMG W11 EQs, registered for the 2020 Formula 1 world championship.


020304In 2020 the Brands Ineos, Grenadier, and Ineos TeamUK are present at the highest level in the world in the sports disciplines of Formula 1, cycling and nautical.didascalia

Magna Steyr’s Austrian and Italian divisions were important partners of Ineos in the realisation of this project with STUDIOTORINO acting as technical advisor to Magna Steyr Italia directed by Tiziano Novo for the realization of the prototypes with particular responsibility for quality.
The complete platform (chassis, engine, electronics, road test) and the mathematical surfaces were provided by Magna Steyr Austria as the complete engineering of the bodywork, while the engineering of the bodywork and assembly of the prototype was the work of Magna Steyr Italia

From left Stefano Vayr,From left Stefano Vayr, Pier.

Luca Curbis and Davide SecoliLuca Curbis and Davide SecoliLuca Curbis and Massimo MingozziLuca Curbis and Massimo Mingozzi

13Da sinistra Davide Secoli, Carlo Carena, Tiziano Novo and Roberto Gatto

14Flavio Secoli15Carlo Carena

16.Silvano Grosso.17Massimo Mingozzi

18.19Roberto Gatto

20From left Massimo Mingozzi, Luca Curbis, Walter Isabello and Luca Iraldi



The Grenadier was the first project of the Covid 19 period, having started in January 2020.
Despite everything it did not suffer any delay thanks to a particularly active management putting good use to most advanced remote communication systems and in the immediate application of the effective health protection systems both in the Magna Steyr Italia technical offices and in the Mercury modeling shop.
Among the Managers involved in the project were Carlo Carena and Michael Messing, coordinated respectively by Hans Peter Pessler and Tiziano Novo.

21From left: Davide Secoli, Carlo Carena, Alfredo Stola
and Flavio Secoli.
Job Zwollo reference manager in Ineos for the Grenadier projectJob Zwollo reference manager in Ineos for the Grenadier project

Ineos coordinator Job Zwollo, was memorable for his tireless efforts in coordination "smart working" despite the problems created by the pandemic.
Teams Ineos, Magna Austria, Magna Italia and STUDIOTORINO interacted throughout the prototype construction period, working side by side Mercury at their Rivoli modeling facility.
The goal of these two Ineos Grenadier prototypes is future series production scheduled for 2022.

Rivoli 11 agosto 2020 presso la modelleria Mercury. Da Sinistra Silvano Grosso,  Luca Curbis, Gabriel Secoli, Robert Vernacea, Stefano Vayr, Valentino Vernacea,  Alfredo Stola (Studiotorino), Massimo Mingozzi, Carlo Carena ( Magna Steyr ) Job Zwollo (Ineos), Davide Secoli, Tiziano Novo ( Magna Steyr), Ermes Rizzardi, Beppe Aiola, Cristian Damiano, Maurizio Damiano e Beppe Comollo.Rivoli 11 August 2020 at the Mercury modeling. From the Left Silvano Grosso, Luca Curbis, Gabriel Secoli, Robert Vernacea, Stefano Vayr, Valentino Vernacea, Alfredo Stola (Studiotorino), Massimo Mingozzi, Carlo Carena (Magna Steyr) Job Zwollo (Ineos), Davide Secoli, Tiziano Novo (Magna Steyr), Ermes Rizzardi, Beppe Aiola, Cristian Damiano, Maurizio Damiano and Beppe Comollo.

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