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011/04/1986 letter of employment signed by Alberto Sasso.In 1986, given the considerable increase in work and in particular the complexity of the assembly masters, the management was re-inforced with the recruitment of the young Marco Goffi and a little later, Lucio Giarolo, both from coming Astraitalia.
The idea was to be able to follow more projects simultaneously with more innovative methodologies whilst maintaining direct and personal contact with customers.

021987 Marco Goffi in the office of Via La Thuile 71.


12 APRIL 1986

On 12 April 1986 Massimo Stola was married to Patrizia Flor in Turin, and from this marriage in 1992 and 1999 Carlo and Claudia were born.

0112 April 1986 Barolo Piemonte at the municipal castle Falletti di Barolo. Massimo and Patrizia Stola.

021994 Rivalta Torinese, Carlo Stola, son of Massimo and Patrizia.032000 Rivalta Torinese Claudia Stola daughter of Massimo and Patrizia.



01Björn Envall director of Saab's style center.In 1986 the director of Saab's styling centre,Björn Envall, showed his great trust in  Alfredo Stola & sons SpA  by asking them for a styling model. Since 1919 the men of Stola had always modeled from complex technical drawings and trigonometric calculations.
In styling, the input is  much less technical, instructions are given personally by the  manufacturers designers.
Once again they took the opportunity to expand into activities in a sector bordering on their traditional one. The first project was the restyling of the "Aero" Saab 900 Coupe and Convertible.
The designer was Swede Eric Sorum.
The  modellers following his input were Stephen Ardagna and Saverio Broadsword, students of the training courses of the early eighties.
The parts concerned in the aerodynamic refinement were the bumpers,side fascias and the rear spoiler. In this case too, due to the nature of styling modeling, Sorum forbade the taking of photographs.

021986 Turin Via La Thuile 69. After a long evening of work, people eat inside the management office dedicated to Saab. From the center on the left you can recognize: Eric Sorum, Ferrero Roberto, Fabrizio Bonafede, Salvatore Sassu, Guido Toninelli, Tord Du Hane, Pereric Hoglund, X, Y.

031986 Trollhatan. Engineer Alberto Sasso and Roberto Stola at the home of Sven Solvang of Saab.


041986 The modelers Stefano Ardagna and Saverio Spadone work the front and rear bumpers, spoiler and the side skirt under the direction of Eric Sorum, assistant to Bjorn Envall.

071987 Saab-Valmet,Uusikaupunki in Finland, from where the Saab 900 convertibles will then be assembled. From left Lasse Vaino, Alfredo Stola and Seppo Roine.081987 Trollhatan, Alfredo Stola in the purchasing office of Saab, in the background Ingemar Gustaffsoon and Gustav Leftinger.

09Spring 1987 Turin Caselle Airport. The urgencies in the deliberations of the pre-series of the 900 Areo Cabrio are so pressing that a Valmet technician will be on hand to collect 25 prototype spoilers just built in Alfredo Stola & Figli. In the photo together with the Finnish manager Guido Toninelli.

From this "very small" Saab job, over the following eighteen years Stola went on to realise projects  for some of the most important Style Centers around the world, around 220 proposals for both interior and exterior styling models as well as 57 Show Cars. 
The style for all these projects was always followed by the designers of the relevant manufacturer. 
At that time, Roberto and Alfredo Stola, together with the management, stipulated that the company would  never be responsible for providing the "style" to its customers. 
English courses for all the modellers were set  up in co-ordination with Shenker of Turin. This was to aid communication with the foreign designers.

101986 Ota City With Ogihara employees. Top left: Pereric Haglund and Alfredo Stola.111986 Ota City Alfredo Stola at Ogihara together with the quality manager.

121986 Ota City Mr. Karl Leftinger together with the Ogihara brothers.131986 Ota City showroom of the
Ogihara works.

141986 Ota City. The Ogihara brothers organize a welcome dinner for Saab managers together with Alfredo Stola.151986 Ota City. The Ogihara brothers organize a welcome dinner for Saab managers together with Alfredo Stola.



011986. Alfredo Stola & Figli realizes the 9000 CD Master Model directly for Saab

In the spring of 1986, Saab aske Alfredo Stola & Figli to build a master model of the 9000 CD.
It was practically the current production 9000 in three volume form, the new rear end was designed by Bjor Envall, director of the Trollhattan Style Center.
The models for making the moulds of the internal frames, the rear window, the finishes and the bumper were also made in Turin.
As for the other Saab 9000 and 900 projects destined for production, Tord Du Hane, Pereric Hoglund, Jurgen Kopsch were the Saab employees who liaised with Engineer Alberto Sasso, Engineer Guido Toninelli and Alfredo Stola.



01Ercole Spada in an early 1980's photographBetween 1986 and 1990, the Fiat Group commissioned Stola to produce 5 Master Models for a family of cars that shared a platform along with  many other details.
The project was called Type 2, a very innovative idea for those times, the idea of sharing as much as possible the non visible parts in order to achieve large-scale savings of both money and time.
The goal was to share as much as possible, but everything looking different.
The idea was  of the Fiat CEO Vittorio Ghidella who, for reasons of technical and economic synergy,  entrusted the task of styling to IDEA INSTITUTE, whose Style Center was directed by Ercole Spada.
The models were the Fiat Tipo, the Lancia Dedra, the Fiat Tempra, the Alfa Romeo 155 and the second series of the Lancia Delta.

021986 Master Model Fiat Tipo031987 Master Model Lancia Dedra

041988 Master Model Lacia Dedra sw051988 Master Model Fiat Tempra

061989 Master Model Fiat Tempra Week End071990 Master Model Alfa Romeo 155

081990 Master Model Lancia Delta second series.

In the eyes of Fiat managers the experience with IDEA INSTITUTE was so positive that the Master Model of the new flagship Lancia type Kappa was also ordered. We remember with great pleasure the visits of the engineer Ghidella to view the Master Models, often accompanied by Ercole Spada.

091991 Master Model Lancia Kappa10Engineer Vittorio Ghidella at that time.

The issue of industrial confidentiality was  becoming more and more pressing, even the Fiat Group had forbidden photographs.
The competition with other car manufacturers was increasingly  being felt and the most important thing was to maintain the  secrecy of  the design of new models whose Master Models had been produced 2/3 years earlier.

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