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9 JULY  2015

The meeting with Adolfo Orsi was the inspiration for the thesis "The new Maserati motorbike, 2016 " conceived and proposed by Studiotorino to graduate Davide De Martinis.
Few people know that Maserati produced motorcycles between 1947 and 1960.
To analyze this history in a university setting, with the help of such an authoritative person was an opportunity that Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola could not miss.
Working as external consultants, we wanted to imagine that Maserati had never stopped producing motorcycles, and what form their latest 2016 model would take.

08-02-2016 Il disegno "POST LAUREA IAAD" di Studiotorino con Davide De Martinis.  Tutors per lo stile Paolo Spada e Emanuele Battista. Supervisors Alfredo e Maria Paola Stola08-02-2016 The drawing "POST LAUREA IAAD" by Studiotorino with Davide De Martinis.Tutors for the styling Paolo Spada and Emanuele Battista. Supervisors Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola.

02Details of the VCM 32203Details of the VCM 322

Davide De Martinis graduated on July 9th 2015 at IAAD University of Turin, and had as internal speakers Luca Bar and Marco Vendrame and external speakers Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola.
Paolo Spada and Emanuele Battista contributed as tutors to De Martinis on behalf of Studiotorino in his post graduate studies.
VCM 322 was the name given to this Maserati motorcycle as a tribute to the historic address of the Modenese establishment of Maserati in Viale Ciro Menotti 322.

04Turin 9 July 2015, the graduation commission at the IAAD University: A. Stola, L.Milani, M.Vendrame, L.Bar.05Davide De Martinis with external speakers Maria Paola and Alfredo Stola at the thesis presentation.

06Spada in creative discussion with De Martinis.

07The resulting proposal inspired by the classic Maserati motor cycles of the 50's and 60's.


10 NOVEMBER 2015

On 10 November 2015, W Motors presented the Fenyr styling model at the Dubai international motor show.
STUDIOTORINO were consultants for modeling activities for the model build via a collaboration with Magna Steyr Italia.
The extraordinary design of the Fenyr Supersport was conceived and created by Ralph Debbas and Anthony Jannarelly.

Rivoli 2015 presso Mercury, il modello di stile Fenyr prima di essere spedito. Da sinistra T. Surace, R. Iraldi, R. Saist, C. Obbreja, M. Mingozzi, D. Secoli, F. Secoli, T. Novo, C. Carena, A. Stola, G. Doglioli, M. Storey, C. Mantovani, F. Stola.Rivoli 2015 at Mercury, the Fenyr style model before being shipped. From the left T. Surace, R. Iraldi, R. Saist,C. Obbreja, M. Mingozzi, D. Secoli, F. Secoli, T. Novo, C. Carena, A. Stola, G. Doglioli, M. Storey, C. Mantovani, F. Stola.

Dubai 10 novembre 2015, Ralph Debbas e Saari El-Khalil della W Motors al Dubai Motor Show  alla premiere mondiale del modello di stile Fenyr Supersport.Dubai 10 November 2015, Ralph Debbas and Saari El-Khalil of W Motors at the Dubai Motor Show for the world premiere of the Fenyr Supersport style model.


1 MARCH 2016

01On March 1, 2016, for the first time in Europe, the W motors LYKAN was exhibited at the 86th Geneva International Motor Show.
It made its debut in the red livery of the film Fast and Furius 7.
Protagonist of the 2015 film produced by Universal, Magna Steyr Italia also made six "Stunt Cars" in 2013, most of which were destroyed in the making of the stunt scenes.
STUDIOTORINO was also advisor in the re-build and development of the prototype for Magna.


Rivoli, febbraio 2016 presso Mercury. La Lykan prima della partenza per Ginevra. Da sinistra: E.Rizzardi, S.Suraci, R.Sais, G.Comollo, M.Mingozzi, F.Secoli, D.Secoli, C.Carena, T.Novo, A.Stola, C.Stola, M.P. Stola, R.GattoRivoli, February 2016 at Mercury. The Lykan before departure for Geneva. From the left: E. Rizzardi, S.Suraci, R.Sais, G.Comollo, M.Mingozzi, F.Soli, D.Secoli, C.Carena, T.Novo, A.Stola, C.Stola, M.P. Stola, R.Gatto

Ginevra 2016, Tiziano Novo CEO di Magna Steyr Italia con la Lykan in livrea rossa del film Fast and Furius 7 sullo stand MAGNA.Geneva 2016, Tiziano Novo, CEO of Magna Steyr Italia with Lykan in the red livery of the
film Fast and Furius 7, on the MAGNA stand.

Ginevra 2016 Tiziano Novo - Magna Steyr Italia -,Harald Wester -Maserati, Alfa Romeo- e A. Stola.Geneva 2016 Tiziano Novo - Magna Steyr Italia -Harald Wester -Maserati, Alfa Romeo- and A. Stola.


22 MARCH 2016

Torino 22 03 2016 Ugo Nespolo presso il suo studio.Turin 22 03 2016 Ugo Nespolo in his studio.Art and cars have often met in the most important museums in the world since the 70s.
Artists such as Alexander Calder, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol have also expressed their creativity on BMW bodywork.
Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola, wanted to tell of their "passion" for the Porsche brand, so asked artist Ugo Nespolo to represent the prototypes they conceived and created between 2001 and 2014 in a unique art work entitled "Born in Turin", the work was presented at Nespolo's studio on March 22nd 2016.
From 1 July 2016 until 1 September 2018 the work was exhibited in the design pavilion at the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile in Turin named after Avvocato Giovanni Agnelli.



3 JULY 2016

On July 3, 2016 in Beijing, in the conference room of the Beijing Hotel, a select group of people from the Chinese business world were presented the styling model for new brand Iconiq, known as Seven.

Rivoli 20 giugno 2016  presso Mercury il modello Seven.  Da sinistra R.Iraldi, E.Rizzardi, G.Aiola, F.Secoli, G.Boccafogli, D.Secoli, G.Comollo, T.Novo, Alan Wu, A.Stola, Karim Banna.Rivoli June 20, 2016 at Mercury, the Seven model. From left R.Iraldi, E.Rizzardi, G.Aiola, F.Secoli, G.Boccafogli, D.Soli, G.Comollo, T.Novo, Alan Wu, A.Stola, Karim Banna.

Iconiq,and its first model, Seven, was an initiative by Mr. Alan Wu. His goal was to create an luxurious,exclusive, electrically driven MPV.
With the complete engineering support of Magna, design by W Motors, STUDIOTORINO were"technical advisor" to Magna Steyr Italia for all work involved in the interior and exterior styling development.

02Beijing 3rd July 2016, the Seven styling model at the premier, Hotel Beijing.

03From left: Hassine Sioud, Bruno Lambert, Tiziano Novo, Ralph Debbas, Alan Wu, Sam Fu, Alfredo Stola, Exequiel Disalvo, William Wu.

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