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APRIL 2009

01In April 2009 a university teaching collaboration was born between Magna Steyr Italia directed by Tiziano Novo and Studiotorino at the prestigious King Saud University of Riyadh.
The aim is a real integrated project including a style model, a working prototype and above all a special degree in automotive engineering.
Meanwhile Professor Saied Mohamed H. Darwish of KSU interfaced directly with Tiziano Novo, Carlo Carena, Alfredo Stola and Peter Arcadipane.
This project is carried out on the production Mercedes G Class which, not surprisingly, is produced by Magna Steyr in their Austrian factory in Graz.

02April 2009 - Riyadh at King Saud University. First official meeting at work starting, present the Vice Rectore professor Ali Saeed Al-Ghamdi, Doctor Tiziano Novo and Ing.W. Breitenhuber from magna Steyr, Professor Saied Mohamed H. Darwish and Alfredo Stola.03April 2009 in Riyadh , Vice rector Proff. Ali Saeed A-Ghamdi and Proff. Saied Mohamed H. Darwish of the KSU and Doctor Tiziano Novo of the Magna Steyr Italia.

04Alfredo Stola with Professor Saied Mohamed H. Darwish and one of the KSU students in Riyadh.

05Riyadh 2009. Carlo Carena and Michael Storey of Magna Steyr Italy with the professor Darwish at a lesson in engineering at King Saud University.

06Peter Arcadipane in team with the KSU students, designed the Gazal-1 style for STUDIOTORINO.07At the Holiday Inn Hotel in Riyadh pre-select the style design before going to KSU.

Modello di stile GAZAL 1 della King Saud University.GAZAL 1 KSU style model

09Mercedes G-Class 10GAZAL 1 KSU style model

The Première to present the style model called GAZAL 1 is at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2010 at the King Saud University Stand. In June the project finishes with the presentation of a perfectly running prototype at the Royal Palace in Jeddah, before the presence of HRH King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, accompanied by the Minister of Education Khalid Al-Angara and the rector of King Saud University Dr. Abdullah Al-Othman.

11Geneve, March 2010, the Gazal Syle model on the King Saud University stand..

12Geneve 2010, in the KSU stand from left Alfredo Stola, Ali Al Samhan (ksu), Tiziano Novo ( Magna Steyr Italia) Saied Mohamed H. Darwish (ksu).

End of May 2010. Gazal's marching prototype just arrived in Riyadhdidascalia

15Alfredo Stola with the King Saud University
students in Riyadh.

16Jeddah June 15, 2010. HRH King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud with the direction of the KSU to the presentation of the perfectly running prototype of the Gazal 1.

Beyond the academic and technical aspects of the project, the experience provided a good opportunity for co-operation, cultural exchange and the development of new friendships.

Jeddah 15 giugno 2011: foto di gruppo con il Re Abdullah Al Saud insieme alla dirigenza e il Professor Darwish con gli studenti della KSU del primo corso di ingegneria autoveicolistica.Jeddah June 15, 2011: group photo with King Abdullah Al Saud together with the management e Professor Darwish with KSU students from the first automotive engineering course.


26 NOVEMBER 2011

26 novembre 2011 Iran. Alfredo Stola nell'aula magna della Teheran University26th November 2011, Iran, Alfredo Stola in the great hallof Tehran University.On 26th November 2011, Alfredo Stola was invited to visit the design course at Teran University by Professor Robert Sarkisian and his assistants, Professors Siavash Jafari Jozani and Mani Keramati.
The purpose was to present their project for a 1/1 scale clay model of a proposal for an instrument panel for a new Audi R8.
The aim of the thesis was to show manual styling and modeling skills.
On the occasion of the presentation held in the Great Hall, Alfredo Stola held two lectures for the students of the Art and Industrial Design course, the first entitled "Art and Cars" and the second "The Essence of Craftmanship".

In prima fila da sinistra: Mr Ramin Mahbobi, Mr Robert Sarkisian, Mr Cyrille Jegu, Alfredo Stola, Miss Roza Hosseini, Miss Fatima Safikhani, Miss Leyla Ensaniyat e nella seconda fila: Miss Tayebe Kharestani, Miss Mina Kasirifar,  Mr Siavash Jafari Jozani e Mr Sam Antighechian.In the front row from the left: Mr Ramin Mahbobi, Mr Robert Sarkisian, Mr Cyrille Jegu, Alfredo Stola, Miss Roza Hosseini, Miss Fatima Safikhani, Miss Leyla Ensaniyat and in the second row : Miss Tayebe Kharestani, Miss Mina Kasirifar,Mr Siavash Jafari Jozani and Mr Sam Antighechian.



Uno dei tanti disegni della Mercedes COUPETORINO realizzati dagli studenti IAAD per STUDIOTORINO.One of the many drawings of the Mercedes COUPETORINO created by IAAD students for STUDIOTORINO.

On September 27, 2012 at the Paris Motor Show, following a meeting between Steffen Koehl, director of Global Advance Design at Mercedes Benz, Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola, the second COUPETORINO project was born, once again in conjunction with IAAD.

02September 27, 2012, Paris Motor Show. Alfredo Stola shows the very first student's drawings to Steffen Koehl.03Official manifesto for the COUPETORINO project.

No longer a thesis, but realistic simulation of a styling project including technical feasibility carried out by 6 of the most capable students of the school.
Transforming the new R 231 SL type spider into the COUPETORINO is the aim of the project and was overseen by the director of the Mercedes Benz style center, Gorden Wagener.
The six IAAD students (C. Zanot, S. Manini, B. Arena, D. Pellegrino, M. Bavaro and E. Cascone) supported by Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola together with tutor Daniele Gaglione created dozens and dozens proposals which were all shown to Steffen Koehl.

04The COUPETORINO team at Sindelfingen, near theMercedes factory.05IAAD students admire the new Class A at the Kunder Center in Sindelfingen.

06Dario Pellegrino at the Power Wall.07Stefano Manini at the Power Wall.

Il team COUPETORINO con Steffen Koehl nella sala virtuale del Design Center.The COUPETORINO team with Steffen Koehl in the VR suite at the Design Center.

On May 27, 2013 all the participents in the project presented a 1/4 scale model of the COUPETORINO my 2013 at the Como Design Center, directed by Michele Paganetti and Koehl.
The scale model was made in one large piece using the innovative stereolithography technology, in collaboration with Skorpion.



14Scanning, mathematics and the 1/4 scale model built in large single piece stereolithography were made by Skorpion the technical sponsor. In particular, the mathematics, created by Matteo Gelpi, were followed by the students of the COUPETORINO team.

Messa in tavola della Mercedes COUPETORINO m.y. 2013 documento necessario per la presentazione peresso il centro sile Mercedes di Como.The Mercedes COUPETORINO m.y. 2013 presentation material for the at the Mercedes style center, Como.

Como, 27 maggio 2013. Centro stile Mercedes-Benz. Presentazione finale del progetto. Da sinistra: I. Moriggi, C. Zanot, S. Manini, B. Arena, A. Stola, D. Pellegrino, S. Koehl, MP. Stola, L. Milani, M. Paganetti, M. Bavaro, R. Cascone.Como, 27th May 2013. Mercedes-Benz Styling Center. The final project presentation. From the left: I. Moriggi, C. Zanot, S. Manini, B. Arena, A. Stola, D. Pellegrino, S. Koehl, MP. Stola, L. Milani, M. Paganetti, M. Bavaro, R. Cascone.


23 JANUARY 2013

On January 23rd 2013, W Motors presented the Lykan style model at the Doha Motor Show, the first ever Middle Eastern Hypercar concept.
STUDIOTORINO supported the project as technical consultant for the realisation of the model on behalf of Magna Steyr Italia.

Rivoli, Novembre 2012, prima presentazione del modelli di stile presso la modelleria di Secoli. Da sinistra Turi Suraci, Lello Locantore, Sergio Boero, Alfredo Stola, Ralph Debbas, Anthony Jannarelly, Tiziano Novo, Carlo Carena, Flavio Secoli, Davide Secoli.Rivoli, November 2012, first presentation of the style models at Secoli's model shop. From the left, Turi Suraci, Lello Locantore, Sergio Boero, Alfredo Stola, Ralph Debbas, Anthony Jannarelly, Tiziano Novo, Carlo Carena, Flavio Secoli, Davide Secoli.

Doha 28 gennaio 2013, il modello di stile della Lykan in premiere mondiale al Qatar Motorshow nello stand della W Motors. Sari El Khalil e Sultan Abu-Sultan presentano il modello di stile della Lykan al Primo Ministro del Qatar  Sua Eccellenza Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jalsor al Thany.Doha 28th January , 2013, the Lykan style model at it's world premiere at the Qatar Motorshow, on the W Motors stand. Sari El Khalil and Sultan Abu-Sultan present the Lykan style model to the Prime Minister of Qatar, His Excellency Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jalsor at Thany.

The meeting with Ralph Debbas, president of W Motors, and Magna Steyr Italy's General Manager, Tiziano Novo, had taken place in 2011at Magna's offices in Rivoli.
From this meeting the Lykan project was born, and in Beirut on July 11, 2012 officially presented to a selected audience of journalists,entrepreneurs, and politicians from the Middle East.

Beirut 11 luglio 2012. Scultura in alluminio costriuita da W Motors rappresntate le linee caratteristiche della futura Lykan. Beirut 11th July 2012. Sculpture in aluminum created by W Motors representing
the character lines of the future Lykan.

Beirut 11 luglio 2012. Al termine della prima conferenza stampa. Da Sinistra Alfredo Stola, Ralph Debbas,  Saari El Khalil, Tiziano Novo e Anthony Jannarelly.Beirut 11th July 2012. At the end of the first press conference. From the Left Alfredo Stola, Ralph Debbas, Saari El Khalil, Tiziano Novo and Anthony Jannarelly.


9 JUNE 2013

On June 9, 2013 STUDIOTORINO, announced to the international press through three drawings, a new "One Off" project called MONCENISIO.
Derived from the Porsche 981, the designs were penned by the designer Daniele Gaglione, the project is a tribute to Alfredo Stola's late father.


February 2014. The drawings of the Porsche Moncenisio made by the architect Daniele Gaglione
made on the basis of the Type 981.


Torino 21 marzo 2014 Daniele Gaglione il designer della Moncenisio in posa con Marcello Gandini e Leonardo Fioravanti.Turin 21 March 2014 Daniele Gaglione the designer of Moncenisio posing with Marcello Gandini
and Leonardo Fioravanti.

On March 21, 2014 at the National Automobile Museum of Turin, STUDIOTORINO presented its latest "One Off", the Porsche Moncenisio.

21st March 2014,Motor Museum,Turin. Maria Paola and Alfredo Stola, Cav. Rodolfo Gaffino Rossi
and Marco Goffi.

Carlo Stola e Francesco Stola scoprono al pubblico la "One Off" Porsche Moncenisio.Carlo Stola and Francesco Stola unveil the "One Off" Porsche Moncenisio to the public.

La preziosa placchetta con la scritta "A mio Papà. Kiki"The precious inscription," To my dad, kiki".This special, car based on the Porsche Type 981, was designed by the architect Daniele Gaglione and is a tribute to the memory of Alfredo's father.
The tribute is highlighted on the left side of the car with a precious metal plate, engraved "S.F. 1/1" the initials Stola Francesco, one of a kind.
In the rear cabin another plaque holds the hand written phrase " To my Dad, your Kiki ".

21 marzo 2014 presso il Museo dell'Auto. Alfredo, Maria Paolo, Francesco e Carlo Stola posano con la Moncenisio un ora prima della presentazione ufficiale.March 21, 2014 at the Motor Museum. Alfredo, Maria Paolo, Francesco and Carlo Stola posiing with the Moncenisio an hour before the official presentation.

The Moncenisio has a unique, special body, maintaining all the original safety elements of the chassis and mechanics, the original engine guarantees compliance with emissions regulations.
The modelling, detail construction, painting and upholstery of the interior was all done by hand in the classic Turin tradition.
Historical partnerships with the Secoli family, Gavina and Gatto made all these activities a skillful blend of technique and craftsmanship.
The style was deliberately inspired by the Porsche 904, as drafted by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the knowledge of which was picked up by Alfredo between 1999 and 2000 whilst having had the honor of working, with his team of Stola spa modellers, on the Cayenne project, in Turin and Zell Am See.



12June 2014, on the Moncenisio pass for the first test in the mountains after the snow thaw.Here is the reason for the name Moncenisio: the exterior with the color of the lake and the interior with the colours of the pastures. The bold trim and colors were created by Maria Paola Stola.

Before the official presentation in Turin, Moncenisio was previewed on March 11, 2014 in the presence of Wolfgang Hatz Director of Research and Development and designers Grant Larson, Matthias Kulla, Martin Khal and Conrad Hummel at the Porsche Styling Center in Weissach.

11th March 2014, Porsche design center in Weissach. Maria Paola, Wolfgang Hatz and Alfredo Stola. Designers G. Larson, M. Kulla, M. Khal e C. Hummel.didascalia

15In January 2015, the Moncenisio partook in a test drive around the arctic circle in Scandinavia, between the regional capital of Rovaniemi, Finland and NordKapp in Norway.
1589 km were travelled, traversed on icy roads with temperatures often below -30 degrees and made even more hazardous with the presence of reindeer and elk.
It is possible to suppose that the Monceniso is the only "One Off" to have reached the northern most paved road in the world, in winter.
The journey's end is marked by a monument depicting a terrestrial steel globe.

Nord Kapp 30 gennaio 2015 ore 11.30 : Alfredo Stola al "globo d'acciaio"<br>  71° 10' 21" N - 25° 47' 40" ECape North 30th january 201511.30 : Alfredo Stola at the steel globe.
71° 10' 21" N - 25° 47' 40" E

On June 7, 2017, the artist Ugo Nespolo, on the occasion of the third edition of the "Parco Valentino" motor show, presented the Moncenisio in "Art Car" edition .The title of the work is "TORINO - ZUFFENHAUSEN", where the 33 special Porsches, made in Turin between 1947 and 2017 are represented through the six colors that make up the Italian and German flags.


6 giugno 2017 Torino in piazza San Carlo. Il Maestro Ugo Nespolo in una foto ufficiale prima di portare la Moncenisio al Salone Parco Valentino.6th June 2017,piazza San Carlo, Turin. The Maestro Ugo Nespolo photographed prior to taking the Moncenisio
to the Salone Parco Valentino.


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