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18 AUGUST 2006


02December 2005 Turin. Aldo Brovarone showing Alfredo the definitive sketches of the RUF RK Coupé.

On 18 August 2006, as a natural evolution of the RK project, again using a Porsche 987, Ruf Automobile together with STUDIOTORINO presented the RK Coupé at "The Quail Lodge" in Carmel, California.
This Coupé, again designed by Aldo Brovarone, was also produced in two models for the European market with a 3600 cc kompressor engine developing 470 bhp. 30 bhp of power increase compared to the first two RUF RK Spyder as a result of the development work followed first hand by Alois Ruf.

6 agosto 2006. Sul tetto del Lingotto a Torino prima della partenza per il The Quail Lodge a Carmel (USA) dove il 18 agosto verrà presento ufficialmente.6th August 2006. On the roof of the Lingotto, Turin prior to leaving for Quail Lodge,
Carmel (USA) for the official presentation on the 18th.

18 agosto 2006 Carmel. Presentazione ufficiale della RK Coupé nell'area dedicata alla Ruf Automobile al The Quail Lodge.18th August 2006, Carmel. Official presentation of the RK Coupé in the area dedicated
to Ruf Automobile at The Quail Lodge.

18th August 2006,Prior to arriving at Quail Lodge two classic photos, in Carmel in front of the famous Gilmore
dealership and at Pebble Beach on the 1 of the famous 17 miles road.

Settembre 2007 Torino. Il secondo esemplare di RK Coupé consegnato in Germania.September 2007, Turin. The second RUF RK Coupé delivered to Germany.



On 8 February 2008 in Rome, at the exhibition "Scrigno Tesori d'Italia", STUDIOTORINO on behalf of "Studio M" displayed a scale model of the Maserati "Cinqueporte".
On the same occasion, again for "Studio M" they launched the colour and trim for both exterior and interior for the Fiat 500 "Pepita".
The Technical Partner for these two projects were Salt Gavina ADM and Daniele Gaglione.

01January 2008. A. Stola finishing the Maserati
Cinqueporte model, prior to sending it to Rome.
025th February 2008, Villarbasse. Maria Paola Stola
on Pepita before the presentation in Rome.

03February 2008, The scale model of the Maserati Cinqueporte in the photo studio.

045th February 2008, Villarbasse, The 500 Pepita before delivery to Rome. Painted with 24 Carat gold in the mix,
even the gold on the tyres is painted with the precious metal . The Interior is upholstered in crocodile
skin and the dash finished on mother of pearl.

Première on 12 December at the Turin Gallery, COUPETORINO is presented at the exhibition "FORMS OUT OF THE SERIES" with a scale model, imagined for a single model derived from the historic icon of the spider, the Mercedes SL (R 230).



2008, Hotel Four Seasons George V, Paris with HRH principe Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, Pierfranco Gavina of Salt, Alfredo Stola and designer Daniele Gaglione.2008, Hotel Four Seasons George V, Paris with HRH principe Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, Pierfranco Gavina of Salt, Alfredo Stola and designer Daniele Gaglione.On 5 September 2008, Alfredo Stola met Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud in Paris with the specific request to study the design and the feasibility of two bodies based on the Bugatti Veyron and the Audi R8, which he had purchased.
The intention was the construction of two custom-built cars built on the Bugatti and Audi chassis'.
Designer Daniele Gaglione also participated in the meeting, organized by Pierfranco Gavina of Salt at the Hotel George V.

Caselle,Turin 15th ottobre 2008. Prince Kaled lands at Caselle in his Boing 747-400 of the Kingdom Holding Company to examine the "work in progress" . On this occasion Alfredo Stola accompanies the Principe in his Bugatti Veyron to Maranello for an exclusive visit to Ferrari organised by engineer Harald Wester.

On December 22nd, 2008 at the Hotel Principi di Piemonte in Turin, the two styling proposals were presented to Prince Saudi, despite being greatly appreciated, they were never to be produced.

Proposta di stile per una "fuoriserie"su base Bugatti Veyron.Style proposal for a one-off based on the Bugatti Veyron.

Proposta di stile per una "fuoriserie" su base Audi R8.Style proposal for a one-off based on the Audi R8.



Disegno originale dello storico fumettista di Astorina Enzo Faccioli.Original drawing by famous Astorina cartoonist Enzo Faccioli.

On 12 September 2008, Turin was nominated "World Design Capital Torino 2008" and Studiotorino presented the 500 Diabolika project, based on an idea by Maria Paola Stola.
Two examples were produced of the artistic personalization, inspired by the comic book Diabolik published by Astorina.

01 a01 b

0212th September 2008, at Mycrom, Via Spalato, Turin..

03Dr. Mario Gomboli, editor at Astorina, Eva Kant and Maria Paola Stola.

Among the illustrious guests at the presentation of the 500 Diabolik were Lorenzo Ramaciotti, Marcello Gandini, Silvia Baruffaldi and Silvia Galli of Auto & Design.didascalia

Maria Paola Stola oversaw and coordinated the technical Partners Mycrom, Salt Gavina, ADM, Borrani, Brembo and Pirelli.
The selection of the specially commissioned comic strip drawings for the interior, was made with Mario Gomboli of the Diabolik publishers.

06July 2009. Palazzo Mistrot, Villarbasse (Turin). The two 500 Diabolika produced prior to delivery.



15 luglio 2008 il disegno definitivo della COUPRTORINO m.y. 2008 approvato da Peter Pfeiffer.15th July 2008, the definitive design for the COUPETORINO m.y. 2008 approved by Peter Pfeiffer.

Also on the occasion of "Turin World Design Capital", STUDIOTORINO, together with the IAAD and the Mercedes Style Center created a thesis entitled COUPETORINO.
It was a research project carried out with IAAD student Piotr Degler Jablonski and was aimed at the transformation of a Mercedes spider SL type R 230 m.y. 2008 in a coupe.



Some of the styling proposals created in the spring of 2008 by Piotre Degler under the direction of Alfredo Stola.didascalia

All phases of the project were controlled by Peter Pfeiffer, Global Director of the Mercedes Style Center in Sindelfingen and Michele Paganetti, Director of the Mercedes Style Center in Como.

08Como 9 07 08 : informal meeting between Professor Peter Pfeiffer and Alfredo Stola at the Mercedes styling centre.09Alfredo Stola with a scale model.

Turin 12th December 2008. The scale model of the COUPETORINO presented at "FORME FUORI DALLA SERIE" at the Turin Gallery. the base model of the spider was supplied by Mercedes Benz, whilst modelling work was transforming it into a coupe was carried out in collaboration with Flavio Secoli.didascalia

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