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26 JULY  2004

On the 26th July 2004, Alfredo gave up the presidency of Stola spa, selling the whole company, including the holding of Roberto Stola who held an equal share of the business.
The sale included the subsidiaries Estival, Tecnocars and Stola do Brasil, all of whom were 100% controlled by Stola, as well as Stampi 4, Euroweld and Turinauto, in which Stola held a minority stake.
The new owners were "Global Immobiliare srl", a company made up of a group of entrepreneurs operating within the automotive sector.
The following September, one afternoon, Workers, Employees and Executives of STOLA spa invited Alfredo and his wife Maria Paola to the ground floor of the Rivoli model shop for refreshments and the gift of a parchment, signed by each present worker, along with a gold gift.


The parchment was inscribed with a dedication that read:

Hi Alfredo,
the art of command requires faith, but also the ability to understand human beings, their values, their weaknesses, often starting with working alongside them.
This brief reflection is inspired by a text by Francesco Alberoni and is what we all recognize in you.


2 JANUARY 2005


Alfredo's objective however, is to continue working in the automotive sector, whilst also changing his life style.
To continue in the name of tradition, whilst celebrating the 100 years of work of the "Stola Family" since 1919.
With these aims, on January 2nd 2005 Alfredo, together with Maria Paola Stola and with the support of Marco Goffi, form the company STUDIOTORINO srl before the Notary, Mario Enrico Rossi.

2 gennaio 2005 Villarbasse. Alfredo e Maria Paola Stola esaminano i disegni definitivi di Aldo Brovarone.2 January, 2005, Villarbasse. Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola examining Aldo Brovarone's definitive designs.

Marco GoffiMarco Goffi

Among the interests of STUDIOTORINO there is the research and study of "Classic Cars" and "Historic Concept Cars".
The family and work relationships, born from the pure passion for the automobile, continue in STUDIOTORINO with new and extraordinary meetings with the most important designers and Car Men in the world.


007Turin  2005: Aldo Brovarone ( PININFARINA Designer for 35 years, retired in 1995 ) shows the drawings of the RUF Rk Coupé at A.Stola.

008Turin 2005: Marcello Gandini and A.Stola.

009Frankfurt 2005: Shiro Nakamura ( NISSAN - INFINITY Style Director ) and A.Stola.

010Vence, September 2005. Alfredo Stola with Paul Frère absolute winner in the Le Mans 24h race in the 1960 with his Ferrari Testa Rossa 250 and test driver for Porsche 901/911 and Mercedes C111.( Paul Frére was the first to test the Ruf RK Spyder for the magazine “Road & Track” ).

011Milan 2006: Bruno Sacco ( MERCEDES - MAYBACH -SMART Style Director retired in 1999 ) and A.Stola.012Bahrain 2006: A.Stola and Alois Ruf ( RUF AUTOMOBILE President ).

013Detroit 2006: Walter De Silva ( VW GRUOUP Style
Director )
, A.Stola, and Chris Bangle ( BMW GROUP Style Director )
014Detroit 2007: Gerry  McGovern ( LAND ROVER Style Director ) and A. Stola.

015Moncalieri May 2007: Mr Ciardelli Ruf RK Spyder before delivery to USA. Maria Paola e Alfredo Stola,
Giorgetto and Fabrizio Giugiaro ( ITALDESIGN ) and Marco Goffi.

016Geneva 2007: A.Stola and Wolfgang Egger ( ALFA ROMEO Style Director ).

017Geneva 2008: Peter Pfeiffer ( MERCEDES-SMART-MAYBACH Style Director ), A.Stola and GordenWagener
( MERCEDES Designer ).

018Geneva  2008: Harm Lagay ( PORSCHE Style Director ), A. Stola and Roland Heiler PORSCHE DESIGN” Style Director ).019Geneva 2009: John Elkann ( EXOR -FIAT GROUP ), Pierfranco Gavina (SALT ), HRH Price Khaled bin  al Waleed and A.Stola.

020Detroit 2010: Freeman Thomas ( FORD CALIFORNIA Style Director ) and A.Stola.021Kirchen - Sieg 2011: A.Stola and Peter Arcadipane
( MITSUBISHI Head Style Exterior ).

022Detroit 2011: Daniele Gaglione ALFA ROMEO Head Style Exterior ).023Geneva 2012: Giorgetto Giugiaro ( ITALDESIGN Founder ) and Maria Paola Stola.

024Geneva 2012: Flavio Manzoni ( FERRARI Style Director ) and A.Stola.025Paris 2012: Michael Mauer ( PORSCHE Style Director ), and A.Stola.

025Dubai 2013: Marek Reichman ( ASTOM MARTIN Style Director ) and A.Stola.027Weissach March 3 2014: Maria Paola Stola, Wolfgang Hatz
Head PORSCHE R&D and Motorsport) and A.Stola.

028Turin  2015: Frank Stephenson ( MECLAREN  Style Director ) and A.Stola.

029Turin  2015: Parco Valentino, Salone & Gran Premio. Ercole Spada, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Alfredo Stola, Marcello Gandini and Leonardo Fioravanti.

030Geneva 2016: Tiziano Novo ( MAGNA STEYR ITALY General Manager ), Harald Wester ( FCA Tecnical Director ) and Alfredo Stola.031Geneva 2016: Maria Paola Stola, Robin Page ( VOLVO Style Director ) and A.Stola.

032Geneva 2016: Maria Paola Stola, Klaus Busse ( FCA EUROPE Style Director ) and A. Stola.033Cernobbio Villa DEste 2016: A.Stola and Paolo Spada
Founder ).

034Geneva 2016: Gorden Wagener ( MERCEDES- SMART-MAYBACH Style Director ), A.Stola
and Steffen Kohl 
MERCEDES-SMART- MAYBACH Advance Style Director ).

035Geneva 2018: A.Stola e Marc Lichte ( AUDI Style
Director ).
037Geneva 2018: Horacio Pagani ( PAGANI AUTOMOBILI ) with Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola.

038Carmel, The Quail Lodge 2018: Achim Anscheidt
( BUGATTI Style Director ) and A.Stola.

038Carmel, Pebble Beach 2018: Maria Paola Stola and
Style Director )

039Dubai, Bulgari Club 2019 Ralph Debbas ( W MOTORS President. ), Tiziano Novo ( MAGNA STEYR ITALY General Manager ) and A.Stola.

040Cernobbio, Villa DEste 2019: A.Stola and Adrian van Hooydonk ( BMW- MINI Style Director ).041Carmel, Pebble Beach 2019: Calum Murray ( FORD Style Director ) and A.Stola.

045Milano 2021 : Maria Paola Stola and Ercole Spada
( SPADACONCEPT  President )
044Poltu Quatu 2021: Mariella Mengozzi ( MAUTO Director ) and Maria Paola Stola.

042Torino 2023: Maria Paola Stola and Alessandro Dambrosio
( MITSUBISHI Style Director )
043Milano 2023: M.Silva, F.Acuto, A.Nivola ( FERRARI Style Team with A.Stola ).

047Turin 2023: Jean Pierre Plouè ( STELLANTIS EUROPE Style Director ), A.Stola and Maria Paola Stola.046Carmel, The Quali Lodge 2023: A.Stola and Ralph Gilles
( STELLANTIS USA Style Director ).

Agosto 2023 Pebble Beach: A.Stola with Anthony Lo ( FORD Design Director )CarmelPebble Beach 2023: A.Stola and Anthony Lo
( FORD Style Director ).


16 JUNE 2005


Novembre 2004 Torino. Aldo Brovarone disegna molte proposte della spider di STUDIOTORINO.November 2004, Torino. Aldo Brovarone sketching numerous proposals fot the STUDIOTORINO spider.On 16 June 2005, after 6 months of work, the first two STUDIOTORINO specials were presented at the Turin motor museum, Biscaretti di Ruffia.
They were the RUF RK Spyder and the RUF R Spyder designed by Aldo Brovarone and both built on Porsche 987s, the project was developed together with Alois Ruf from Ruf Automobile.
The two prototypes were purposely hand built using the most traditional techniques of the Turin school of modeling and bodywork.
February 2005, Rivoli. C.Bordone, A. Stola, S. Sellan and V. Della Rocca.February 2005, Rivoli. C.Bordone, A. Stola, S. Sellan and V. Della Rocca.Upon completion of STUDIOTORINO's spyder, Alfredo gave a preview of the result to three men who were fundamental in the history of his family's firm.
Carlo Bordone, Sellan Sante and Vittorio Della Rocca were the workshop managers who worked at various times between 1945 and 2002 in the model shops in Via Issiglio 38 and Via La Thuile 69/71 in Turin and in Via Ferrero 9 in Rivoli.

15 giugno 2005 Villarbasse. Il giorno prima della presentazione ufficiale Alfredo e Maria Paola Stola posano con la RK Spyder.15th June 2005, Villarbasse. Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola posing with the RUF RK Spyder
on the day of the first official presentation.

17 giugno 2005 Torino. Il giorno dopo la presentazione ufficiale sulla pista del Lingotto il secondo prototipo R Spyder arancione.17th June 2005, Torino.
The day after the presentation, on the Lingotto test track with the second orange RUF R Spyder prototype.

Between 2006 and 2007 two more examples were built of the Spyder version for the American market with the 3600 cc kompressor engine that developed 440 bhp.

16 giugno 2005 MAUTO di Torino. Un momento della Premiere di STUDIOTORINO, al centro la RK Spyder. Attualmente quest'esemplare è a Torino sempre con gli interni rossi ma con la tinta della carrozzeria bianca.16th June 2005, MAUTO di Torino. A from the STUDIOTORINO premiere.Centre, the RUF RK Spyder. Currently this example is in Turin, still with the red interior, but now with white body work.

0716th June 2005, Alois Ruf at the Premiere
with one of his engines.
0816th June 2005, Alex Lordi and Maria Paola Stola with
the RUF R Spyder, this example is now in California (USA).

09June 2006, Rivoli. The third RUF RK Spyder
leaving for Kansas (USA).
10May 2007, Torino. The fourthe RUF RK Spyder leaving
for New Hampshire (USA).


25 APRIL 2006

Massimo Stola 1960 - 2006Massimo Stola 1960 - 2006On the 25th April 2006, at the age of just 46, Massimo Stola passed away after a long illness which he fought with courage and dignity.
He was a good person, and a tireless worker of great intelligence.
The company owed so much to him in the areas of surface mathematics and CNC milling of models.
Between 1979 and 1981, Massimo was a pioneer in Italy for the development of dedicated software in these areas.


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