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JANUARY 24, 2003


01The lawyer Gianni AgnelliFriday 24 January 2003, Luigi Gallina, sales representative of Stola S.p.A. particularly dedicated to Fiat Auto, already in the office around 07.15, he receives a phone call from Engineer Paolo Ollino Director of the C.S. department. (Experimental Constructions) of Mirafiori.
Without explaining the reason he was asked to immediately go to the factory in via Biscaretti di Ruffia 25 with four expert modellers/assembly technicians.
Twenty minutes later, Gallina with the small team reach the Mirafiori factory and are received by Engineer Ollino in a presentation room, inside which there is a black production Fiat Ulisse, a metallic gray Mercedes 250 hearse and a coffin.
He personally informs them that the lawyer Gianni Agnelli has recently died, and that the Ulysses must immediately be set up as a hearse, using the internal technical components of the Mercedes, modifying and adapting them to perfection.

04ANSA press releas(ANSA issued its first press release on the passing of the Honorary President of Fiat Auto and Senator of the Republic Gianni Agnelli at 08:57; therefore after the arrival of the modellers/assembly technicians at the Mirafiori plant.)
The mood is shaken, the emotion is great, but the sense of responsibility will ensure that the work will begin immediately together with another team of Fiat Auto technicians from the C.S. department. ; the Ulysses hearse must be ready within the next 38 hours.
The work is complex given the size of the Fiat vehicle, but the commitment of the two teams to set up the minivan will be such as to allow the work to be finished on time, also using the night to guarantee the pre-arranged delivery.
On Saturday late afternoon, unscheduled, we are also asked to immediately find an expert to darken only the rear windows, and so the Solar Tech supplier will be involved, who will be the last to finish the job in the evening.
The following Sunday morning the funeral took place in Turin Cathedral, and among the many thousands in attendance also the President of the Italian Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi.

02Turin 26 January 2002: the Fiat Ulisse hearse arriving at the Duomo.

The lawyer Gianni Agnelli has always been a point of reference for the Stolas, a person esteemed and admired, and even without personal knowledge, every work done towards Fiat has always been in a certain sense imagined for him, and only those who are from Turin of a certain generation can very well understand it.

03Rivoli 27 January 2003: a heartfelt letter from Alfredo Stola sent to Engineer Paolo Ollino of Fiat Auto.



MARCH 2003

As soon as the 2003 edition of the Geneva Motor Show ended with the Stola GTS, it was immediately planned to take part in the next, with a "Limousine" derived from the Lancia Thesis.
Called S85, to celebrate the eighty-fifth anniversary of the company.
This prototype, in reality was ready two years before hand and should have been called S82, but its history was complex and interesting, given an unexpected and prestigious development.

A ottobre del 2000 Giancarlo Concilio per conto Lancia rilascia il bozzetto definitivo dell'esterno della Thesis Limousine.In October 2000, Giancarlo Concilio on behalf of Lancia released the definitive sketch of the exterior of the Thesis Limousine.

Luglio 2001 Rivoli. Presso la modelleria Linea Gam di Vittorio Grasso. Un team misto di modellatori della Stola e di Linea Gam realizzeranno gli interni su un prototipo di Lancia Thesis precedentemente allungato.July 2001 Rivoli. At the Linea Gam modeling shop in Vittorio Grasso.
A mixed team of Stola and Linea Gam modelers will build the interiors on a previously extended Lancia Thesis prototype.


Rivoli, from the end of 2000 the actual engineering and construction work on the prototype began with the sheet metal derived from the pre-production Lancia Thesis sedan.didascalia

On 4 September 2000, Alfredo Stola proposed the idea to the engineer Paolo Cantarella as the Stola company was then completing the engineering of the Thesis.
The proposal of this special was immediately greeted with interest, the Fiat Group had already created some limousine configurations on the Lancia Thema and Kappa.
Alfredo explained how the interiors would be very luxurious, with the use of the finest materials from Poltrona Frau and with a wooden parquet floor.
The only condition that Cantarella CEO imposed was that the style should be executed by a Lancia designer under the super-vision of engineer Nevio Di Giusto.

Rivoli July 2001 The Lancia Thesis Limousine S82 in paint shop on the second floor of the prototype department.didascalia

It is also proposed that the prototype be presented on the Lancia stand at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show 2001 as a concept.
Architect Giancarlo Concilio, of the Lancia Style Center, is appointed as designer, who will design all the interiors and the extension of the exterior.
At the end of August 2001, a few days before the opening of the show, when the work was finished, the leaders of Fiat Auto unexpectedly decided to no longer present the prototype, postponing the launch to a future date.

Rivoli settembre 2001 la Limousine verniciata in uno speciale grigio-azzurrino anche se pronta non partirà mai per il salone di Francoforte. In quel momento si chiamava ancora S82. Questo stesso prototipo nel 2004 sarà riverniciata con un bi-colore e rinominato S85.Rivoli September 2001 the Limousine painted in a special blue-gray even if ready it will never leave for the Frankfurt Motor Show. At that time it was still called S82. This same prototype in 2004 will be repainted with a bi-color and renamed S85.

The reasoning was explained to the Stola team, a change of strategy in relation to the entry into mass production of the Thesis berlina which was increasingly delayed.
On September 11th, a few minutes after 2.46 pm, the dramatic news of the air attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon was spreading at the Frankfurt Motor Show.
The tragic live images from the United States appeared from the screens of the various car manufacturers' stands.

New York 11 settembre 2001 alle ore 15:03 di Francoforte anche la seconda torre del W.T.C. viene colpita.New York 11 September 2001 at 3:03 pm in Frankfurt also the second tower of the W.T.C. gets hit.

The information following the second crash along with the other missing planes spread panic among the visitors of the salon, foreshadowing a world war.
Roberto Stola, together with some of his collaborators of that time, was visiting the Frankfurt Motor Show as the Smart Tridion 4 Concept and the Nissan Cross Bow Show Car were being presented, both made in the Rivoli modeling shop.

Frankfurt 11 September 2001 The Tridion 4 on the Smart stand and the Cross Bow on the Nissan stand are two concepts created by Stola s.p.a. for their customers.didascalia

A week after the attacks on American soil, among car manufacturers a strong pessimism had crept in, also in STOLA s.p.a, many show cars and style models in the course of work and future construction were suspended, canceled or slowed down.
In light of these events, the Lancia Thesis Limousine designed and built at its own expense by Stola was somewhat forgotten, not only by them but also by Fiat managers.
In the first few days of January 2002 came a surprise, after recent experience, the Fiat Auto board commissioned STOLA spa to build another, new, extended Thesis for the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, and two more with configurations still to be to decide.
The style of the interiors for the presidential version was very different from the 2000/2001 version, though once again was the work of the Giancarlo Concilio.
As for armour plating, it was entrusted to the specialist Repetti.

Maggio 2002 Il disegno definitivo della Thesis Limousine presidenziale in colore blu di Giancarlo Concilio.May 2002 The final design of the presidential Thesis Limousine in blue by Giancarlo Concilio.

141516June 2002 Giancarlo Concilio on behalf of Lancia releases the first interior designs of the presidential variant
of the Thesis Limousine.

Rivoli in March 2002 activities begin on the body of the presidential Thesis Limousine which will then be completed with armor plating in the Repetti plant. Who will also take care of the glass.didascalia

The Thesis Limousine will was handed over to the President of the Republic Carlo Azzeglio Ciampi on June 6, 2003 with a presentation at the Quirinale internal courtyard by Dr. Umberto Agnelli and Giuseppe Morchio, CEO of the Turin group.

Roma 6 giugno 2003 presso il palazzo del Quirinale Umberto Agnelli accompagnato dall'AD Giuseppe Morchio dona al Presidente della Repubblica Carlo Azelio Ciampi una Thesis Limousine blindata.Rome 6 June 2003 at the Quirinal Palace Umberto Agnelli accompanied by CEO Giuseppe Morchio gives the President of the Republic Carlo Azelio Ciampi an armored Thesis Limousine.

Rome 6 June 2003 at the Quirinal palace the President Carlo Azelio Ciampi sits for the first time inside the presidential Thesis Limousine, which for the record the rear interiors are different
of what will later be the Stola S85.

Shortly afterwards work of the other two elongated Thesis was, unfortunately, suspended.
At the end of March 2003 STOLA s.p.a. re-evaluated the prototype that had never been presented, it had been stored with the aim of showing it the following year at the Geneva Motor Show.
Given past experience and with a rather anonymous grey livery, the Lancia Thesis Limousine was be completely repainted in an eye-catching two-tone amaranth under guidance of Rossella Guasco and Serena Chionetti of the colour department of the Fiat Style Center.
The interiors were also revised to improve the design.

 22Rossella Guasco

23Serena Chionetti

24January 2004. Advertising page for Auto&Design magazine.

Novembre 2003 il disegno in bicolore di Giancarlo Concilio utilizzato per poi sostituire il grigio della versione di fine agosto 2001.November 2003 the two-tone drawing by Giancarlo Concilio used to replace the gray version of the end of August 2001.

Primavera del 2003 il disegno di Giancarlo Concilio degli interni della S85 ripensati visto il tempo passato.Spring 2003 the design by Giancarlo Concilio of the interior of the S85 redesigned given the past time.

Rivoli December 2003. Alfredo Stola in the painting department on the second floor of the factory in via Ferrero 9.didascalia

Rivoli dicembre 2003 sullo sfondo al centro si riconoscono Giancarlo Concilio e Silvia Calautti.Rivoli December 2003 Giancarlo Concilio and Silvia Calautti can be recognized in the background in the center.Rivoli dicembre 2003 posano Gigi Gallina, Alfredo Stola e Giancarlo Concilio peruna foto ricordo con la S85.Rivoli December 2003 Gigi Gallina, Alfredo Stola and Giancarlo Concilio pose for a souvenir photo with the S85.



February 2004 The official photos for the S85 press kit before being exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show.didascalia

April 2004 In the photo shoot organized by the journalist Giancarlo Perini after the show.
On the left Laura Novarese on the right Silvia Calautti della Stola s.p.a.didascalia

 Aprile 2004 Il giornalista Giancarlo Perini organizza un servizio fotografico. La finta autista è Silvia Calautti, una dipendente della Stola s.p.a..April 2004 The journalist Giancarlo Perini organizes a photo shoot.
The fake driver is Silvia Calautti, an employee of Stola s.p.a.

Ginevra. Luigi Gallina si prepara un caffè gustandosi il successo della S85 senza dimenticare la Presidenziale.Geneva. Luigi Gallina prepares a coffee while enjoying the success of the S85 without forgetting the Presidential.To continue the tradition ,this prototype was called S85 to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the company's foundation, and was finally presented on the STOLA stand in Geneva on 4 March 2004.
Luigi Gallina was the manager who followed these limousine projects, from both a technical and organizational point of view, for three years, with passion and competence.


4 marzo 2004 Salone di Ginevra la S82 nello stand della Stola s.p.a.4 March 2004 Geneva Motor Show the S82 on the Stola s.p.a. stand

Geneva 4 March 2004. A very pleasant visit to the Stola stand of Jurgen Hubbert CEO of Daimler Chrysler. Alfredo Stola personally describes the interior of the S85 to him.didascalia

Geneva 2004 Two important visits from design men, on the left Patrick Le Quément director of Renault and
Shiro Nakamura director of Nissan.

Geneva 2 March 2004, On the left P. Arcadipane, A. Stola, M. Mauer on the right A. Stola with Sergio Pininfarina.didascalia

Geneva 2 March 2004 On the left S. Mattin, H. Leschke, G. Grande and J. Piaskowski.
On the right Tiziano Novo with a Chinese delegation of the X

52Geneva 2 March 2004. Maria Paola Stola.

53Silvia Calautti with the two designers Giancarlo Concilio
and Daniele Gaglione

Geneva 2 March 2004 On the left H. Wester, A. Stola and C. Alecci. On the right G. Gallina, L. Minardi
and T. Novo.didascalia

56Geneva 2 March 2004. S. Calautti and L. Novarese.57Geneva 2 March 2004. H. Sinkwitz and G. Grande.

Ginevra 4 marzo 2004 Alfredo e Maria Paola Stola con Fabrizio Giugiaro.Geneva 4 March 2004 Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola with Fabrizio Giugiaro.

Ginevra 2004 Luigi Gallina e Giancarlo Concilio fra i più importanti artefici del progetto Stola S85 e Lancia Thesis Limousine presidenziale. Agli ingegneri Paulo Cantarella e Nevio Di Giusto va il ringraziamento di Alfredo Stola per aver sempre appoggiato questi progetti.Geneva 2004 Luigi Gallina and Giancarlo Concilio among the most important architects of the Stola S85 project and Lancia Thesis Presidential Limousine. To the engineers Paulo Cantarella and Nevio Di Giusto goes the thanks of Alfredo Stola for having always supported these projects.

In 2008 the Lancia Thesis Limousine called S85 was purchased by the Swiss collector Heini Rutz, thus also becoming part of the prestigious Lancia Club Suisse.


62Switzerland 2008: the Stola S85 from the Rutz collection


APRIL 2003

In April 2003, the director of the Hyundai style center Mr. Ho, contacted Alfredo Stola to request the construction of a show car to be delivered to the Geneva show in March 2004.
The Korean group was already a customer of STOLA s.p.a. after having built a Kia sports pickup called HCV-II a couple of years before for Mr. Ho.



02Rivoli 2003 the interior models are made in Stola s.p.a.

052003 Rivoli. Giuseppe Comollo 062003 Rivoli. Fabio Sansalone.

072003/2004 Rivoli. On the right of the photo we recognize Cavaglià, Mario Caldarola.082003/2004 Rivoli. Cavaglià, Longo and Caldarola can be recognized with their light gray shirts.

2003/2004 Rivoli. Le fasi finali di montaggio della scocca del prototipo Hyundai E3. Alfredo Stola al centro, a sinistra Carlo Cavaglià e a destra Giovanni Longo2003/2004 Rivoli. The final stages of assembly of the body of the Hyundai E3 prototype. Alfredo Stola in the center, Carlo Cavaglià on the left and Giovanni Longo on the right.

10End of January 2004: start of assembly of the prototype after painting.11End of January 2004: start of assembly of the prototype after painting.

Fine gennaio 2004 fase finale dopo la verniciatura. Si riconoscono da sinistra X, Y, ZEnd of January 2004 final phase after painting. They can be recognized from the left X, Y, Z

February 2004 Final stages of assembly of the prototype, in the photos we recognize X, Y, Zdidascalia

Fine febbraio 2004 nella modelleria di Rivoli il prototipo finito prima di essere trasportato allo studio fotografico.At the end of February 2004 the finished prototype was in the Rivoli model shop before being transported to the photo studio.


Torino Febbraio 2004. La Hyunday incarica la STOLA s.p.a. di effettuare il servizio fotografico in studio una settimana prima del salone di Ginevra.Turin February 2004. Hyundai appoints STOLA s.p.a. to carry out the photo shoot in the studio a week before the Geneva Motor Show.

March 4, 2004 Geneva. The E3 Show Car on the Hyundai stand.didascalia



01At the end of November 2003, and, as usual, in anticipation of the coming new year, the new calenders for 2004 were distributed both within the company, and above all, to all our clients.
The calander was accompanied by a card celebrating the 85th year of Stola's work in the auto industry.




In early February 2004, after a meeting at the Ford offices in Dunton,England between Alfredo and Maria Paolo Stola and managers John Manning and Christopher Bird, Stola s.p.a. was commissioned for the construction of a cabriolet show car.
It was quickly named Vignale, an homage to the historic Turin coachbuilder, the objective of the show car was that it was to be presented at the Paris Motor Show which would open to the press on 28 September.

Febbraio 2004 i coniugi Stola e Manning.February 2004 the spouses Stola and Manning.

Following the meeting with Ford, the following day Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola used the occasion to  visit the Land Rover Styling Center in Coventry.

Febbraio 2004 Southam Warwickshire. Un gradito invito a cena da parte di Gerry McGovern ad Alfredo e Maria Paola Stola. Il ristorante è The Butcher's Aims.February 2004 Southam Warwickshire. A welcome invitation to dinner from Gerry McGovern to Alfredo
and Maria Paola Stola. The restaurant is The Butcher's Aims.

Fine febbraio 2004. Coventry. All'interno del centro tecnico Aston Martin, Jaguar e Land Rover, Alfredo e Maria Paola Stola posano in una bella fotografia con la Reng Stormer da poche settimane ritornata da Detroit.Late February 2004. Coventry. Inside the Aston Martin technical center, Jaguar and Land Rover, Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola pose in a beautiful photograph with the Reng Stormer who has just returned from Detroit a few weeks ago.

Febbraio 2004 Coventry. Alfredo Stola posa con una delle primissime Land Rover.February 2004 Coventry. Alfredo Stola poses with one of the very first Land Rovers.

They met with the Director of the Land Rover Styling Center Gerry McGovern, as well examining the condition of the Range Stormer concept, recently returned from Detroit, and also discussed the construction of a new show car for the future iconic Land Rover Defender.
Upon returning to Italy, using accurate technical analysis, they prepared an estimate for the project using the information they had been given. Unfortunately, a couple of months later Stola received news that the project had been postponed.

Inghilterra, la sede del Tecnichal Centre di Dunton.England, the headquarters of the Dunton Tecnichal Center.At the same time, Pininfarina were tasked with developing, industrializing and building, on behalf of Ford, a convertible production car based on the new Focus.
The work also included the complete realisation of the mathematics for the exterior, and for this reason Giovanni Doglioli, of the Stola CAD department, was sent to work in the UK for six months.

Giovanni Doglioli.Giovanni Doglioli.

The team of Italian and English modellers worked daily, interfacing with Lucio Giarolo, Giovanni Longo and Christian Pastore of Stola in Italy.
The mathematical surfaces were developed with the 3d software Alias, the work being carried out in the same room as the clay model, which was under continuous daily evolution by the Ford designers and planners. The designers in this project were headed by Christopher Bird, flanked by Ehab Kaoud and Marcus Hurst.

Il primo piano di forma dopo il rilievo su clay model del concept Ford Vignale Cabriolet.The first plane of shape after the relief on clay model of the Ford Vignale Cabriolet concept.




Febbraio/Aprile 2004 Dunton. Il lavoro svolto in Inghilterra da Giovanni Doglioli della Stola s.p.a. insieme al Team Ford.February / April 2004 Dunton. The work done in England by Giovanni Doglioli of Stola s.p.a. together with Team Ford.

The work for the construction of the show car was carried out in the prototype department in via Ferrero 9.
The team led by Giovanni Longo and included Aristide Tesauro, Porzio Alberto, Giampiero Fasano, Luca Rosetti, Massimo Rosetti, Beppe Comollo, Giancarlo Cubeddu, Procopio Pasqualino, Cuscuna Mauro, Marchese Vincezo, Grippo Domenico, Vito Schiraldi, Francesco Acquaviva and Pietro Calò .
In the first week of April a pre-series example of the future Focus two-door was delivered to Rivoli, direct from Ford of Cologne.
In parallel with the work of the modellers in England, the design activities were carried out in Italy and subsequently the direct milling of the negative moulds.


Fine aprile 2004 Rivoli. Fasi di realizzazione dei fanali posteriori.End of April 2004 Rivoli. Stages of realization of the taillights.


17April / May 2004 Rivoli. Phases of the practical realization of the soft top. In the first series of photos one of the Ford designers Ehab Kaoud can be recognized and in the second series Mauro Cuscunà.

The front part of the car, with the exception of the bumper, grill and the headlights remained original, while for the two doors only the framework was saved, the rest of the interior was new apart from the instrument panel. The headlights, pedals, and the wheel rims were also made by Stola.
The retractable hard top of this project was undoubtedly the most complex part of the concept and which logically involved both interior and exterior teams.


Inizio Luglio 2004, da sinistra si riconoscono: Vincenzo Marchese, Mauro Cuscunà, Domenico Grippo, Vito Schiraldi, Pasqualino Procopio, Sergio Scursatone, Luca Rosetti, Moreno Marangon e Francesco Acquaviva.Beginning of July 2004, from the left we recognize: Vincenzo Marchese, Mauro Cuscunà, Domenico Grippo, Vito Schiraldi, Pasqualino Procopio, Sergio Scursatone, Luca Rosetti, Moreno Marangon and Francesco Acquaviva.

21Domenico Grippo, Vito Schiraldi, Mauro Cuscunà, Sergio Scursatone and Moreno Marangon.22From left: Beppe Comollo, Francesco Gavina, Leone, Moreno Marangon and Giovanni Longo.

23Beppe Comollo, Francesco Gavina, Mauro Cuscunà
and Leone
24X, Antonio Giovinazzo is hidden behind the quick Longo

End of July 2004 Rivoli. The modeling of the seat foams is finished and the work has been carried out by the Salt-Gavina companydidascalia

Fine luglio 2004. Il concept è praticamente pronto per la verniciatura finale. Da sinistra si riconoscono: Antonino Giovinazzo, Rosario Valido, Giovanni Longo e Pasqualino Procopio.End of July 2004. The concept is practically ready for the final painting. From the left we recognize: Antonino Giovinazzo, Rosario Valido, Giovanni Longo and Pasqualino Procopio.

The Stola family left all operational positions in the company on July 26, 2004 following the sale to Global Immobiliare with less than two months left for the delivery to Ford in Cologne.
On that day the Ford Vignale cabriolet was practically ready for painting which, as always, was to be carried out at Stola; on that occasion by the group A.D.M of Maurizio Di Maria and a small internal team of modellers in support.
The prototype was picked up on 21 September for transport to the Ford style center in Merkenich, Cologne, initially for an internal presentation of the result and for the official photos that would be given to the press.
On 28 September 2004, the Ford Vignale was presented in world premiere at the Paris Motor Show.


28 settembre 2004 Parigi. Il concept Vignale in premiere mondiale nello stand Ford.September 28, 2004 Paris. The Vignale concept world premiere at the Ford stand.

28 settembre 2004 Parigi. Nello stand Ford una foto ricordo. Mauro Cuscunà, Alfredo Stola e Michele Peralta.September 28, 2004 Paris. A souvenir photo at the Ford stand. Mauro Cuscunà, Alfredo Stola and Michele Peralta.

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