April 10, 2019 Turin. At the National Automobile Museum Alfredo and Maria Paola Stola organized the meeting between Magna Styer Italia, the Parco Parco Valentino organization, Alan Wu CEO of Iconiq and a party delegation from the Chinese province of Tianjin.

November 22, 2018 Dubai. Alfredo Stola is the guest of honor of Ralph Debbas CEO of W Motors for the "Cars & Legends" award.

10 July 2018 Turin. Maria Paola Stola at IAAD is external speaker for STUDIOTORINO at the exhibition of Stefano Busto's degree thesis "Connectid Circadian Car"

6-10 June 2018 4th edition of the Turin Motor Show - Valentino Park, 70th Porsche Valentino Grand Prix, 457 Stupinigi Parade Experience. STUDIOTORINO Moncenisio, RK Spyder, RK Coupè and 500 Diabolika are guests at these events.

December 12, 2017 Turin. Maria Paola Stola at IAAD is external speaker for STUDIOTORINO at the exhibition of Aitor Aguilar's thesis "E 914 TAYRONA".

June 7-11th 2017, Turin: the Moncenisio in Art Car version is guest at the third edition of the "Salone dell'Auto Torino Parco Valentino" on the stand "Nespolo per Alfredo Stola"

July 8, 2016 Turin. Alfredo Stola at IAAD is external speaker for STUDIOTORINO at the presentation of Giuseppe Iuliano's degree thesis "Alfa Romeo Duetto analysis of myth and contemporary hypothesis"

4th July 2016 Turin. Maria Paola Stola at IAAD is external speaker for STUDIOTORINO at the presentation of Nicola La Torre's thesis "NEW SMART ROADSTER"

July 3rd 2016, Beijing. Alfredo Stola is guest of Mr. Alan Wu for the presentation of the model Seven-Iconiq at the Beijing Hotel.

June 9th, 2016 Turin. The prototypes RKCoupé and RKSpyder are exposed at the Cars and Coffee meeting at the beautiful location called “Castello del Valentino”.

June 8th-12th, 2016 Turin. The prototype Moncenisio S.F. 1/1 at the Studiotorino stand during the second edition of “ Salone Auto 2016 Parco del Valentino.

March 22nd, 2016 Turin. Alfredo, Maria Paola Stola and Rodolfo Gaffino are guests of the Master Ugo Nespolo in his studio for the presentation of the artwork “Nate a Torino”.

September 23. 2015 Turin. Alfredo Stola guest at MAUTO on the occasion of " Modus Vivendi " To tell the story of Arctic Experience.

9 July 2015 Alfredo Stola at IAAD is external speaker for STUDIOTORINO at the exhibition of Davide De Martinis' thesis "THE NEW MOTORCYCLE MASERATI m.y. 2016"

May 19 - October 2, 2015 Turin. Modus Vivendi, ExpoTo, Moncenisio on display at MAUTO.

April 23 2015. STUDIOTORINO is invited to Fast and Furious movie presentation in Beijing.

January 28-31, 2015. Arctic Experience. Moncenisio winter test drive Rovaniemi - NordKapp - Rovaniemi.

2014 19-20 October Mantova. Moncenisio was Autostyle 11th edition guest's into the Palazzo Te. The event has been organized by Berman S.p.a. and Auto&Design.

2014 13 April, Furno (TO) "Car and Coffe" meeting 2014 Italian edition.

2014 21 March, Turin. At the National Automobile Museum of Turin, in the area dedicated to contemporary design, the unveiling of the MONCENISIO.

2013 26 October - Rivoli, Maria Paola Stola on the occasion of LIBRARTE promoted by Mondadori present the report “ New profiles Auto” how born and project new custom-built sport cars.

2013 5 October - Porto Mantovano, Maria Paola Stola present on the occasion of Autostyle Design Competition the report “Coupetorino on base Mercedes Benz SL”.

2013 18 June. Turin. At the National Car Museum in a temporary show about contemporary design the two bespoke RK Spyder and Coupè are shown with 7 italian and german car design masterpieces.

2013 9 June. Official online presentation of the Moncenisio project.

2013 27 May - Como, Mercedes-Benz Design Center. Presentation of the academic project Coupetorino with the participation of IAAD and Skorpion Engineering.

2012 29 November - Turin. At the Automobile Museum with the occasion of the presentation of Car Design book write by Leonardo Fagoni where one will have the opportunity to debate on "IL futuro dell'auto il design al centro". One of the keynote speakers is Alfredo Stola about < I Cinesi a Torino >.

2012 28 November - 12 December - Turin.
The 500 diabolika at the event "50 anni vissuti diabolicamente"

2012 15 February - 20 May - Exposition in Paris at Fiat Motorvillage.
WRAAOM ! Des voitures et de bulles diabolika
The cars and the comix

2011 26 November - Theran: Alfredo Stola present to the faculty of Arts of Theran reports “Art and Cars” and “The essence of Craftmanship”.

2011 26-29 January - Qatar Motor Show. RK Coupé,
on the Salt stand in the Anfia area.

2010 March 4 - gazal première to the 80th motor show of Geneva

2010 February 14 - diabolika première to FIAT Dealer of London

2009 February 18 - "FORME FUORI DALLA SERIE" at the Olympic Village in Sestriere - Studiotorino retrospective exibition.

2009 February 6, 7, 8 - "Diabolik Carnival" at the Mirafiori motor Village - Charity event "For a Smile"

DK502008 December 12. COUPETORINO "FORME FUORI DALLA SERIE". Première Turin Gallery - Via Maria Vittoria,6 Torino

2008 October 8-9. Autostyle Design Competition Berman. Palazzo Te. Mantova

DK502008 September 12. première. diabolikaMycrom Via Spalato, 59/a Torino

2008 April 5-13. Auto Mobil International. Lipsia (Germany)
RK Coupé stand Top Gear.

2008 March 28-30. MY SPECIAL CAR Rimini (Italy) for Top Gear

2008 March 27-30. BILER I BELLA Copenhagen (Denmark) sponsored by UNICEF www.bileribella.dk

2008 February 8, Roma "Scrigno Tesori d'Italia". Premier Maserati CINQUEPORTE and 500 Pepita in collaboration whit STUDIO M.

2007 November 13. Top Gear Italia Première. Milano

2007 October 10-11. Autostyl Design Competition Berman. Palazzo Te. Mantova

logo2007 April 11. The Worlds Most Beautiful Automobile.Shangai. China.
Sponsor bycar

2007 March 9. Car Design Day. Torino..logo

2007 February 9/18. Luxory & Yachts

2006 November 30 / December 10. RK Coupé in Essen Motor Show. Germany.

2006 Novembr 30. Robb Report Buyers Guide 2007. Luxory and Sports Cars.
Los Angeles.

logo27 October 2006. The Worlds Most Beautiful Automobile
Selection in the Arena Civica in Milan

13-14-15 October 2006 RK Spyder and RK Coupé at Ruf Rally in Spagna.

12 October 2006. Berman. Mantova.

25 August 2006 RK Coupé Second première in Dallas Ruf Autocenter

18 August 2006 RK Coupé première THE QUAIL,

15 June 2006. Gerard Perregaux. Palazzo Fenaroli Rezzato

2006 May 11. RK Spyder con Toora alla borsa valori di Varsavia

2006 March 9. First time in Bahrain for the R Spyder.

logo2006 March 3. The World's most Beautiful Automobile award. Milan

2006 February 25. Luxory & Yachts

2005 November 30. Euro Mold Frankfurt. Germany.

2005 November 24. Essen Motor Show. Germany.

logo2005 October 21. Selection. The World's most Beautiful Automobile.
Milan. Italy.

2005 October 4.Oltre la congiuntura. Porsche RS. Torino

2005 October 1.Rally Ruf. Alsazia.

2005 June 16. Première at Torino Car Museum.